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#1 Aug 10 2009 at 1:20 AM Rating: Default
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First off let me introduce myself as this is my first post since I have joined this group. I am Goaty a long standing Final Fantasy nerd that gets chills just thinking about a new MMO release. When FFXI was released in the US I was excited that finally I get to share my passion for the game online with other fans and share a world with real people and have different experiences other than the same game over and over. After about 4 years the game slowly died for the english speaking community (was on the server Fenrir was a DRG/SAM) so I moved on to World of Warcraft where I was into the hardcore raiding gig of things. With recent news of a rumored FF14 beta I quit WoW (was exceptionally hard for me to do) and started making plans to create a large community linkshell for the new game. And so here I am.

Onto the main topic. I am very much in advance forming a community website, forum, and ventrilo that will launch immediately after a beta date is released. In the meantime there are some things I want to come to a decision upon whilst we wait such as:

-Linkshell Name. I want to come to a decision based on what others thinks is appropriate, not just MY wants. After we have a large community we will have a "poll" on the forums and ultimately the most selected name will stick.
-Events. In FFXI as well as WoW I held server wide events such as Chocobo races, casinos, weekly lotterys, and silent auctions for end game items. This will help us become a well known "Linkshell" across the server.
-Raids. Yes, we will be very focused on the end game as well as the casual enjoyments. They have said that the end game content will be overflowing with new and exciting visual effects and fun.
-RL Gear. In WoW our guild had mouse pads, shirts, and hats with our guild crest and stuff for sale on our website (for when we buddied up at blizzcon) and just to flaunt around to other friends and show off our guild. This won't be immediate but you can bet I will be bringing it to FF14.
-Server. This is undecided as they have not announced what server names will be called. I assure you I will choose the best suited server for everyone.
-And More...

Currently I have my entire WoW guild joining me as well as some older FFXI friends coming as well. Putting our current numbers at well over 35-40 right out of the gate.

This is an open invitation to anyone interested in being a part of a large linkshell who will be working on progressing through the game and becoming knowledgable in all aspects of each fight, class, and of course the new quest lines.

Certain recruitment requirements may come in to effect come release time (such as age/maturity) But until beta, I welcome all in helping build a pre-release community.

If you are interested or have more questions please contact me at (that way I can add you to my newsletter list for when the site goes live as well as public Vent). And feel free to bump this post so I can gain more memberships!


Edit : We do not discriminate against anyones preference of platform either. Majority of us will be playing PC but since it will be cross platform again there won't be a problem for PS3 players either. Just get a laptop so we can hear your voice on vent :P
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Depending on how the beta goes, I may get in touch with you later, though I have doubts about both joining an already established group of players as well as potentially leaving behind my current LS buds.
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I see other linkshells besides mine are recruiting, but you should have a website and have all of your friends sign up on there too.

I have a website, and we currently have about 30 to 35 active members right now. Umm, we have over 120 registered users, but anyway, good luck with your recruitment, it is quite early so I'm not sure how it will turn out.

We're recruiting this early because when there's a lot of guilds recruiting and there's very few members who will join, we will be greatly established.
#4 Aug 10 2009 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
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I will have the site running next month. Currently I am a part of Gentlemens Club of Korgath if that helps with showing how dedicated this will be. (US firsts and all).

The reason for collecting emails FIRST is to add to the "newsletter"'s recipient list. This will undoubtedly be a well known LS on whichever server we decide.

No need to commit now, just giving an early headsup to those looking for LS that will be pushing content as well as having other fun activities to do.

The thing about most of those other LS being put together is they will most likely not make it off the ground come release time or they will simply fail to keep members shortly after launch. With my long standing crew and past success that will not happen here. I merely am just taking more time to get the site tip top for release (flash / interactive opening / buttons) none of that free web trash.

Again, just a heads up and thanks for the replies! (and those who have emailed me already).
#5 Aug 11 2009 at 5:10 AM Rating: Decent
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I understand, if I were leader of a website, I'd have a very professional setting. Hopefully you guys do well.
#6 Aug 11 2009 at 6:30 AM Rating: Good
Sounds interesting, except that you make it sound like Vent will be required to join your LS.

Nice to see I'm not the only one planning for an FFXIV linkshell.
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Sounds interesting, except that you make it sound like Vent will be required to join your LS.

Nice to see I'm not the only one planning for an FFXIV linkshell.

Yeah, I personally can't stand vent. The way I see it, if people were able to play UO, EQ1 and FFXI without vent, then we don't need it now. Personally I can't stand the chatter and obnoxious voices ruining the immersion of my game. I have to deal with twerps on a daily basis, I play videogames to escape. MMO's the best way to play is to load up a list of your favorite mp3s and explore the world and completely escape from reality.
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