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#1 Aug 10 2009 at 7:29 AM Rating: Decent
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based on zam wiki :

The Armoury allows players to change between disciplines on the fly. The four primary disciplines of Final Fantasy XIV include:

* Disciples of War: Masters of arms who live for the call of combat.
* Disciples of Magic: Erudite researchers of all things esoteric.
* Disciples of the Land: Gatherers of material resources and students of the natural order.
* Disciples of the Hand: Crafters who invest their creative ingenuity in synthesis and industry.

so, to have something like a pld or a drk, you'd need something like warrior/magic or it would be impossible...

no ?
#2 Aug 10 2009 at 8:16 AM Rating: Good
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I'm thinking its going to be something like the 'sub-disciplines' are determined by what weapon you use. Like your a disciple of war but if your using a great sword you'd be learning different things then if you were using an axe or rapier and so on. So the mixing of skills and coming up with your different play styles would involve training varies weapons to get said skills and putting them together to come up with you preferred play style.

It also seems when this game comes out people might have to think of them selves less as specific classes i.e. BLM,PLD,WAR, ext and more on the roles they wish to play in groups and on quests.
#3 Aug 10 2009 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
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No one knows as of yet as to how it will progress. Perhaps it can be unlockable with certain weapons equipped like sword/shield for paladin-esqe fighter, or a scythe for the dark knight equivalent.

What I would like to see however, in order to get paladin unlocked, you need to have a certain skill level in both disciplines, such as guardian, and whatever the main healer would be for discipline of magic. Skill level of 75 in both would unlock the paladin type, probably called something else like crusader or caviler. Holy knight comes to mind as well.
#4 Aug 10 2009 at 8:34 AM Rating: Good
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Well it does say "the four primary disciplines are X, so they might be leaning to the secondary disciplines are actually then determined based on your weapon of choice. This of course is all speculation until we get some more info.
#5 Aug 10 2009 at 9:22 AM Rating: Decent
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well i guess nevermind this thread, after thinking some more, i can't see it being that way, since hand/land would be utterly useless in mose situations...

at least, we kow it won't be that :x

i guess back to unlocking a "mix discipline" after going a way in both magic/warrior is the right way...

still something miss with that, it sure works for pld-drk, but what about other jobs ? blm/whm goes rdm, but that's about all i can see with cross primary-discipline, and it still don't uses the hand/land one
#6 Aug 12 2009 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
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This armory system isn’t exactly like the “job” concept that most Final Fantasy games work under. “The way I see it, the player can define how his own job works,” says Komoto. “For example, if you have the Swordsman skill, that’s enough to let you play by yourself, but if you’ve also raised your Sorcerer skill enough to unlock that skill’s healing magic, that’ll make solo play a lot easier for you. You can carry enough equipment around at any given time to change your style freely, and the system makes this easy by letting you change sets of equipment all at once.”

What interests me the most about this quote is

"if you've also raised your Sorcerer skill enough to unlock that skill's healing magic" [to add on to another job, ie Subjob]

It gives me two ideas

I'm trying to figure out how high a "Sorcerers" skill must be to unlock healing magic?
It was a Level 1 spell for a WHM, so i'm thinking something more along the lines of leveling your [insert one of the 4 disciplines here] high enough so that at a certain level a certain skill can be [perhaps quested or "leved"] to be shared amongst a different discipline. Kinda like "Phalanx II" which has to be merited in FFXI. Let's say the basic mage job in FFXIV gets Cure (self) relatively early, "Sorcerer Skill 1" seems natural, and maybe there is a Heal spell (for other PC/NPC) at say, "Sorcerer Skill 10" (after a short period of grinding). "Sorcerer Skill 50" might be a Cure that can be applied via quest/leve to another discipline.
Equip a sword, shield, and this sharing of skills you quested and now you are a Paladin.

These skills stay with this discipline you applied it to, but only that one, unless you quest/leve it for the other remaining disciplines [i'm adding the inevitable time-sink]. I imagine something like four guilds [land, hand, magic, attack] and you get the leve to "add a skill" to your job to customize it to your liking.

You want a DRK job? Easy, level ur Sorcerer in the skills of destruction / draining magic. Quest to share that with the Discipline of Fighter. Give your self a Scythe.

How about making your own job? A Fighter, who can do some enfeebling/draining stats magic, as well as Cure? Who's to stop you. It may be alot of quests, but while you will be an attacker primarily, you will have many "Sub-Job" options.

I know what your thinking, are we going to create an armada of Paladins? Not really.
You'll always need the mage for the higher level Healing and Buffing. It'd take [assuming] many hours leveling your "sub" discipline to apply a stat to your main discipline..

Idea #2

Think BLU, every 10 levels its possible to add more BLU spells into your active spell list.
Maybe after guild/leve quests [which get progressively harder and require obscene high levels of a particular discipline to attain] you are giving the choice to add abilities to your own personal character. This stays with you, no matter what weapon/discipline you pick. You reach a certain level (and i'm going to use that term because we are going to measure ourselves somehow, and i dont care about being flamed for it) and you can pick up a certain leve, or maybe its just an option, (Kupo!) However, if you've only leveled Attacker Discipline only attack traits will be available.. like this
level 10 Sword Sko;;
Skill Set I, choose 1
Attk Bonus
Parry Bonus
Acc Bonus
Evasion Bonus
STR or DEX etc ect

level 20 Sword Skill
Skill Set II, choose 1
Attk Bonus II
Parry Bonus II
Acc Bonus II
Evasion Bonus II
STR or DEX etc ect
Custom Skill, add 1
--if Magic Discipline is high enough--
Healing Magic Tier 1
Elemental Magic Tier 1
Enfeebling Magic Tier 1
--quested skills--
Dancing Skill Tier 1
Ninjutsu Skill Tier 1

Other weapons would have skills attached to it, as well, including Shields and ranged attacks.

So it could be possible to level an Attacker job who can grow up to be a ninja. Maybe later he could cast a Cure spell, too. Albeit it'd be Cure I, and at level 30 or 40 it'd be pretty worthless, you'd be better with an Evasion Bonus or what have you, but if you wanted to, you could.

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#7 Aug 12 2009 at 9:23 PM Rating: Decent
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I really hope I can get the equivalent of the Blu, it was my favorite job in FFXI it got me away from my Rdm lol

do you think if they have this "sub" discipline do you think everyone will have the ability to dual wield or do you think you still have to unlock it(since there is no nin).
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