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#1 Aug 10 2009 at 7:53 PM Rating: Good
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I know we're all frothing at the mouth with the updated info and all, but since fishing (and cooking perhaps) is confirmed in the game how is food going to work?

The food system in FFXI is interesting if a little bit annoying. This time around, I would like to definitely see more cohesiveness in recipes. By that i mean, if a certain ingredient was in a food, then you SHOULD know what stats the end product will have. In XI meat = att usually, but sometimes this breaks down when you get into seafood, and some others. If XIV doesnt allow us to see the stats that food changes (in the description), it would help tremendously if the ingrediants carried the same stats with them.

Eat a melon, you get some mnd or int, but drink its juice and you get refresh? Why not have the +MND or +INT carry over into the final product.

Also, for the love of god SE PLEASE include more branches of food. Stat, DEF, ATT, ACC (and ranged equivalents) are not enough! MAB foods, M.Acc, enfeeb strength/duration, evasion, critical rate, etc etc.
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I agree that always annoyed me as well. Also I would love to see the ACC you have, along with other stats u get in the game of FFXI. I hope they put all stats in FFXIV, that would be nice.
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