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#1 Aug 13 2009 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Do you like them or not? Do you think SE should allow players to be good in multiple abilitys/spells in a certain weapon/armor type or would it be better if everyone who equipped that weapon/armor type would be the best at tanking or Melee DD or healing.

I'm kinda mixed on this topic myself. In FFXI I choose most of those expansion hybrid jobs (DNC is my example). Sure doing it was fun but it always bothered the **** outta me that I couldn't be what the majority of FFXI players wanted, The best at doing this or that.

I know FFXIV system will make it so you can change from a melee type to a mage by changing gear but i'm sure most players would want to specialize at one thing rather than always changing there style all the time.

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I also plan on uploading FFXIV music when the game is released.
#2 Aug 13 2009 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
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my favorite job in ffxi was a redmage and i hope we can have a hybrid job
#3 Aug 13 2009 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm not sure how it would actually pan out but hybrid classes may be more usefull I battles against multiple mobs because they can adapt to situations and change strategies. Ffxi's battle system didn't really make hybrid classes useful. If they place mobs where you can't pull the exact same mob over and over a hybrid in the party could help adapt the party to fighting them. And with this "change weapons change jobs" system we may all be hybrids. Who knows?
#4 Aug 13 2009 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Hybrids are fine as long as two things happen. 1.) SE realizes that hybrids can be good at many things but not the BEST at any one thing. 2.) The player base accepts that.

Many here will probably consider Rdm to be a hybrid class. Personally, I disagree. Rdm is the class that does a few things decently, and the one thing it does really well is to debuff mobs.

The other things about FFXI is the fact that ANY job can be a hybrid job. Just slap /Nin on if you need to not be hit. /Whm if you need heals. /War if you need voke. Etc etc etc.
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#5 Aug 13 2009 at 10:03 PM Rating: Good
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The other things about FFXI is the fact that ANY job can be a hybrid job. Just slap /Nin on if you need to not be hit. /Whm if you need heals. /War if you need voke. Etc etc etc.

Yep, every job had the potential to be a hybrid, and every job was. The idea just wasn't embraced by the players.

Ninja easily could have been a DPS class... but the players laughed at it.
WHM could have been a melee... but it wasn't as good as a monk.
A monk could tank, but it wasn't as good as a Ninja.


The game evolved around the choices the players made. When everyone named ninja a tank, then it became a tank. When Warriors were abandoned in favor of Paladins, Warriors became DPS.

SE actually did watch how players used the jobs, and adapted the game around it. To a sometimes punishing extent.

Look no farther than the summoner job and you can understand it.
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#6 Aug 13 2009 at 10:21 PM Rating: Default
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I think SE will get it right. This MMO has been in the making for a long time, and they have plenty of experiences to learn from. Although I miss the little company called Squaresoft making my favorite RPGs as a kid, I still have faith in them as a developer. This game is going to be epic.
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#7 Aug 13 2009 at 11:04 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm absolutely a fan of hybrids. I think players should be able to make whatever kind of character they want.

But there's a misconception in the idea that hybrids can't be the best at something while maintaining game balance. At least that's true for hybrid damage dealers. You generally have to give something up for defensive properties, but also not necessarily. If it helps, think of a job like Scholar. There's no problem with being on par with the best damage dealers AND healers in one job, but you can't do them both at the same time. Not a perfect example, just to demonstrate the premise.

Point being, hybrids don't have to sacrifice role-specific functionality for the sake of being able to fill a variety of roles.
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#8 Aug 14 2009 at 1:50 PM Rating: Good
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I hate being pidgeon holed into only being able to fulfill one role, or not being able to do anything on my own, so sure I like them. What SE could do to prevent everyone from being carbon copies is just to make massive amounts of variety present in the armor/ability/weapon system. My personal opinion is that the best ways to accomplish this is with either a crafting system similar to the old SWG one, lots of sidegrades (see lineage II), or just add natural variability into every piece.
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