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FF14 gamescom famitsu interview + weather effect videoFollow

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FF14 gamescom famitsu interview digest + video showing weather effect

・At this moment, 40-50% completion.

・The graphic quality will be tune up even more. You can see each tree very clearly even they are very far away.

・macro feature will be added.

・UI layout can be movable by players themselves.

・The smile Icon is emote function.

・Those icons below the screen are called action command.

・You can set abilities that you had on those action command.

・Once you select the command, it will show on one of the 2 gauge in the middle of your screen. Each gauge represent left and right hand.
For example, your left hand equipped with a shield, so those shield related command will be appeared on the left hand gauge.

・When the action gauge reached, the command that you set, will be cast.

・There will be a power gauge too, the more it gains, the higher your accuracy and skill power will be.

・TP gauge will effect what kind of skill you can cast too. So gaining TP will be also very important during battle.

・TP will be gained by getting hit, or hit the monster.

・The action command will be change depends on your weapon. If you put on rod or staff , it will be magic related action.

・Action command will only have 10 slots. You are able to customize those.

・The bag mark icon is item bag.

・Players are not be allow to use emote during battle.

・3 kind of camera style : 3 person view, should view, and first person view.

・Players are able to pull up their weapon even not in engage mode.

・Quest mob location will be show on your map.

・Those puks wont be appear before you finished the dodo.

・There will be a development version before beta test. The image will be like a focus group thing.


Some speculation, according to the famitsu screenshot, the mob's name is in Japanese, so some people is guessing it will be a language base server.

By the way, the mob's name in Japanese version of FF11 is in English.


it looks so real.. cloud movement.. then getting thicker.. and darker..
then bam... rain falling... thunder striking.

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#2 Aug 20 2009 at 5:24 AM Rating: Good
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Those lightning effects are amazing. Wow.
#3 Aug 20 2009 at 5:25 AM Rating: Good
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Based on what they said about graphics..that's probably not even the final Smiley: grin

I'm gonna need a new PC..

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Some speculation, according to the famitsu screenshot, the mob's name is in Japanese, so some people is guessing it will be a language base server.

I hope the server is not based on language. I have made so many great friends from around the world in FFXI and would hate not being able to play with them in FFXIV.
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Just because the mob names are in localized languages doesn't mean regional servers. Tanaka has stated previously that servers will be worldwide like 11.
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They did say there's going to be a developer version released before a beta, and the developers are Japanese, so it would make sense if everything is in Japanese then have monster/NPC names in English and speak their appropriate language.

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#7 Aug 20 2009 at 7:20 AM Rating: Good
Was that a malboro next to the cactuar?
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It's not complete yet, but here's a translation of about half the interview.

We catch up to the always busy Tanaka!

Sundi氏に、そのスケジュールの合間を縫ってインタビューを敢行! ここでは田中弘道氏へのインタビューを
お届けする。のちほどSage Sundi氏へのインタビューもお届けするので、そちらもお楽しみに!
On the Gamescon floor, we decided to schedule in an interview with the Producer of Final Fantasy XIV (which will be called FFXIV from here on) Tanaka Hiromichi and FFXIV’s global onkine producer Sage Sundi. We’ll report the interview with Tanaka Hiromichi. Since we’ll report on the interview with Sage Sundi at a later time, please look forward to that as well!

First, we ask Tanaka to personally explain the portion of the battle that is playable at this year’s Gamescon.

田中 では、“プーク被害続出”というギルドリーヴを実際にプレイしてみます。
Tanaka: Well, I’m currently playing a guildleve called “Defeat the large cluster of Puks”
(TN: That is a poor translation of the guildleve name, sorry lol)

What are guildleves?

Through the adventurer guild in Eorzoa, guildleves are passes that are issued to visiting adventurers for work. If you achieve the requested job, you can receive various rewards. This is similar to quests that you often see in offline RPGs. The big difference is that you are able to cooperate with and help out fellow players. Being able to play alone or with a large group, the epitome of MMORPGs is packed in.

田中 リーヴのタイトルどおりプークを倒せばいいんですが、最初はプークはいません。ドードーを倒してい
Tanaka: Just as the title of the leave suggests, you should defeat the puks, but first there are no puks present. You defeat Dodos and trick the puks into appearing.

Even elements such as solving riddles have been prepared. However, as it is a very large field, will you search for the target monster yourself?

田中 ギルドリーヴ中はマップ内に敵の位置などが表示されるので、それをもとに捜していくことになります
Tanaka: Because the positions of the enemies are displayed on the map during a guildleve, it becomes a matter of searching those areas. However, as this time it is an alpha version, they are not displayed.

It’s said a lot, but the graphics are impressive.

田中 まだ開発中なので、現状はまだまだ荒いところがあります。今回のバージョンでは、遠景がかなり簡略
Tanaka: Because it is still in development, the current version still has rough spots. In this version, the background is rather simply displayed, but in the final version, each tree will be displayed one by one to an extremely far distance.

(Here he begins to engage the Dodo.)

田中 『FFXI』では“攻撃”のコマンドを選択すると自動的に攻撃をくり出すオートアタックシステムを採用
Tanaka: In “FFXI”, when you selected the “Attack” command, we used an auto attack system that would attack automatically. However, in “FFXIV” it is essential that you select the command every time.

Are the icons lined up on the bottom of the screen commands?

田中 そうですね。“アクションコマンド”と呼んでいます。このインターフェースもまだ暫定ではありますけど。また『FFXI』との比較になりますが、今回特徴的なのは、武器の抜き差しがどこでも行えます。『FFXI』
Tanaka: That’s right. They are called “Action Commands”. This interface, too, is still tentative. This is again a comparison to “FFXI”, but a characteristic of this game is that you are able to draw out your weapon at any time. It’s not like drawing out your weapon for a fight in “FFXI”, but you can draw your weapon even in places with no enemies and run around.

(Tanaka defeats the Dodos one after the other.)

Please tell us a bit more about the commands.

田中 下にズラッと並んでいるのが、現在セットしているアビリティです。この中から使いたいアビリティを
Tanaka: The ones lined up in a row below are the abilities in the current set. From these you choose the ability, which is registered in the gauge above as a command. In this game there are two gauges. You interact with the right and left hand. For example, because I hold my shield in my left hand, the commands related to the shield are registered on the left hand side.
(TN: I’m not sure if this means you can the shield in your right hand too. Just that he is currently holding it in his left hand.)

Will you activate a command soon?

Tanaka: When the gauge called the “Action Gauge” fills up, you can activate it. Moreover, there is also one called the “Power Gauge”, and by accumulating power, you influence your hits and the power of your skills. Again, on the bottom right of the screen is a gauge called “TP”, and depending on the condition (TN: amount?) of this accumulated TP, the skills you can activate change. That is why it is important to act toward accumulating TP during battles.

You’re saying that you accumulate TP from attacking enemies and conversely taking attacks from enemies?

田中 そうですね。
Tanaka: That’s right.

(Here Tanaka lets out his blade’s special attack “Red Lotus Blade”.)

――お! 見覚えのある技が(笑)。
Oh! That’s a skill that I recognize (lawl).

田中 レタスです(笑)。
Tanaka: Lettuce (lol).


Red Lotus Blade was one of the special skills introduced in “FFXI”. It was deemed the pet name “Lettuce” among the users.

Do you also choose magic etc. from these action commands?

田中 そうです。現在の武器(スキル)によってアクションコマンドの中身が変わります。たとえば、いま剣
Tanaka: That’s right. Depending on the present weapon (skills) the contents of the action commands change. For example, now I’m holding a sword, but if I were to change to a staff it would change to a variety of commands for a mage.

So that means that acquired skills will also line up in the action commands?

田中 そうなります。武器のスキルが上がらないと習得できない技もありますから。
Tanaka: That would be the case. There are skills that you can’t acquire if your weapon’s skill doesn’t go up.

In the end will you have an amazing amount of skills lined up in the Action Command?

田中 アクションコマンドにセットできるアビリティは10個までです。どの10個をセットするかを自分でカス
Tanaka: You have up to 10 abilities that you can set in the Action Command. It means you will customize which 10 skills you will use in the set.

It’s something like matching the action command to your own play style, right?

田中 そうですね。
Tanaka: That’s right.

What’s the reason for adopting this battle system?

田中 まずはやはり、オートバトルよりももう少し積極的にバトルを組み立てたい、より戦略性を増したいと
Tanaka: First of all, we wanted to construct a more proactive battle than an auto-battle. More than that, the reasoning was that we wanted to increase the strategy by having you choose your own commands. In order to clearly give defined roles based on ones job, “FFXI” has a premise of having a certain amount of party play. With “FFXIV” you can play alone, or have fun in small groups of two or three. Depending on those situations, you can choose how to share roles.

What is the “Smile Mark” in the Action Command?

田中 これはエモート(感情表現コマンド)ですね。『FFXI』ではテキストコマンドでエモートを行っていま
Tanaka: That is an emote. In “FFXI” you performed emotes via text commands, but with “FFXIV” you can choose it with a graphical user interface. The bag mark next to it selects your items.

We saw it in the presentation, but the expressions of the emotes this time are really great. Can you do them during battle as well?

田中 いまのところ戦闘中はできないですね(笑)。
Tanaka: At the moment you can’t use them in battle (laugh).

This is a question regarding the interface. Since the resolution of future generation machines has been raised, it’s easy to properly distribute chat and statuses etc. and see information. For example, where will party members’ statuses etc. be displayed?

田中 初期状態では画面右側中央あたりに出ますが、じつは画面のレイアウトは、マウスでウインドーを移動
Tanaka: In the initial condition, it is on the right side of the screen, but in actuality the layout of the screen can be changed freely on the player’s end, such as moving the window with the mouse.

What is the player’s point of view?

田中 いまはα版の段階なので今後どうなるかはわからないのですが、いわゆるふつうの三人称の視点と、肩
Tanaka: Since this is only an alpha version, I don’t know how it will turn out after this, but it is a shoulder camera from over the shoulder; a so-called normal third person view. You’ll be able to change it to 3 different views.

This ends the guildleve. Using a warp point, Tanaka warps to the aetheryte of the guildleve’s starting point.

Will the main method of transportation in “FFXIV” be aetheryte?

田中 ワープが使えるのはギルドリーヴをクリアーしたときぐらいで、それぞれ冒険の目的地には実際に移動
Tanaka: Being able to use the warp is for when you clear the guildleve. It’s necessary to actually travel to the various destinations on your adventure. You’ll probably reflect on it as a convenient method of transportation, but it’s not something you can use at anytime. (TN: Not too sure about that last sentence. But basically you only warp after the guildleve, you need to physically travel to the spot it seems.)

Thank you so much for explaining the game system. Now, we will ask about the condition of the current display and the development from here on out. It was a sensational announcement at June’s E3, but we were rather surprised that less than 3 months later that it’s already playable.

田中 僕ら開発側からすると、かれこれ3、4年作っているので、「やっと」というところではあるんですけど
Tanaka: We’re coming from the development side, but since we’ve been working one thing or another for 3 or 4 years, it feels more like “finally” to us (laugh). Concerning this version of “FFXIV”, we had the concept of presenting a certain amount to the public and taking in their opinions from as early of a build as possible.

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Best part about all of these pictures is they're not even at their best yet and I'm still getting blown away by them, and I got all the improvements I've wanted already. Everything else is going to be delicious overkill. <3 Thanks for the translation. Now the question is to either start saving for a new computer, or just get a slim ps3 and an HDTV. I already know the answer, I'm just a cheapass. D:
#10 Aug 20 2009 at 7:51 AM Rating: Good
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So about 50% done with the game, hopefully a beta in the next few months as Tanaka said for people to ask about Smiley: sly

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That area where then show the lightning effect looks awfully like La Theine Plateau :D
#12 Aug 20 2009 at 8:40 AM Rating: Good
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Once you select the command, it will show on one of the 2 gauge in the middle of your screen. Each gauge represent left and right hand.
For example, your left hand equipped with a shield, so those shield related command will be appeared on the left hand gauge

Very interesting. Sounds like the items in your off hand will play a much more important role this time around. Equipping a shield might unlock a bunch of new defensive abilities, while dual-wielding weapons might give a bunch of benefits not available when using just one. And two-handed weapons will be their own breed.

I wonder if the item in your other hand will affect your development like your main weapon does?
#13 Aug 20 2009 at 11:34 AM Rating: Good
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I don't remember how healing worked in's been too many years.

But it makes it seem like here you'll need to hit monsters or be hit to aquire TP (and I forget what that is too -.-;;) in order to use any skills. How does that work for a healer?

40-50% completion and they've been working on it for how long? I'm not complaining, just rather wondering how accurate a 2010 release date is. Maybe they meant to say 2010 closed beta test date. Q4 2010...

I love the graphic quality! Of course, who doesn't?

Yay for macro features! One of the things I liked about FFXI. Some say it was clunky but I never had any problems with it.

Thank goodness for the movable UI. I like the way it looks in the gameplay videos and screenshots.

Shield abilities huh? That's pretty neat.
If they have dual wield would you be able to do abilities with both weapons seperately? How will 2H weapons work? Very interested to see.

A power gauge sounds pretty nice...I like the sound of that.

From all of the interviews I've been reading I have to say that I really like what I'm hearing.

They are definitely keeping some aspects of FFXI, but changing a few, getting rid of some, and adding new ones.
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Those weather effects are very impressive.
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