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#1 Aug 21 2009 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Has anyone heard anything about how the Armory system really allows you to customize? It sounds like what they said about having a totally different leveling system without xp is kind of a half truth because you are just earning weapon XP that you use to learn skills. So people with the same weapons will logically be quite similar. If you can switch weapons between battles it sounds like its pretty much the same as FFXI except more convenient to change jobs. Perhaps you can have a staff in one hand and a sword in the other hand to be able to combine abilities from classes to customize? But that even sounds a bit strange. I mean, the paladin class is traditionally a sword and shield class, but would wielding a sword and shield allow you to not cast any magic because your not holding a staff? What about battle mage classes like the Red Mage.

Also, I'm a little bit disappointed because I thought they were going to totally innovate the concept of character progression and lose the leveling up a character until the level cap and then doing end game activities like raids. I thought they were gonna do something really creative but it seems thats what they are sticking too. In the interview I think they even said something about a level cap and moving the level cap later on.
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The only thing that has been answered in your questions is that you are not able to switch "classes" in the middle of a fight. That would imply either no changing out from say sword and shield to staff or it could be no switching at all.
What i mean by that is maybe we'll be able to switch the same weapon in the middle of a fight. [1h sword> 1h sword]
All speculation.
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