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See-Saws and CraftingFollow

#1 Aug 31 2009 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
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My first thought when I saw the various "classes" was maxing out Divine Magic and HELM. The see-saw philosophy kind of worries me though. How will the HELM/Crafters survive when getting to "level 100" in one of those limits your ability to say....fight the big scary dragon....since you can only get your Melee or Magic "weapons" so high while keeping your Crafting that high?
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Maybe it will see-saw per Discipline? I think that would be fair. So you could have a max level ... class?... in each of the 4 disciplines...

Although, honestly, I hope they do away with it all together... because why only do it to crafters since they are now a class and not do it to anyone else? And if they do it for everything else, what happens when new jobs come out? "Oh sorry, you already have a maxed out Archer, no maxed out new job for you!"
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I think they said somewhere that they haven't decided if they're going to see-saw it yet. In fact, I think one of the articles/interviews mentioned something along the lines of leaning towards "no limitation" on skill development/progression.

Regardless though, if there were a see-saw mechanic added to skill gains, I'm sure there would be a seperation between what would be considered "Crafting" disciplines and "Adventuring" disciplines.
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#4 Aug 31 2009 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
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We'll be able to get high "levels" in disciplines. But will only be able to master a very few. It has been pointed at by the the team a couple times.

— The battle itself is closely related to the “Armory System,” in which you can change the classes (occupations) just by changing weapons or tools. In that case, I feel like I will want to try out different classes.

Tanaka: You may feel that way in the beginning, but it would be pretty hard to master all of them (laugh.)


— In that case, you could play just to master forging or cooking?

Tanaka: Yes, you could. But in the case that you need to go deep in dungeon, if you don’t want to fight, you may need somebody else’s help. Also, you could progress the adventure just by trying to master the fighting class, but you can’t continue fighting just with the same weapon because we have a concept of wearing out weapons in this version. So you need to strengthen it on the way.

— Does that mean you need the forging skill?

Tanaka: Yes. That’s why, if you want to do it yourself, you need to improve your forging skill, but it’s quite hard to master both skills, so you would ask for help from blacksmith players more often.

That last line is confusing. Is Tanaka stating the bold part in reference to forging and cooking? Or Mastering Fighting and Forging? It seems which ever one we'll be able to truly master few disciplines.

I'm guessing to be a master in something is going to be an extremely long road. Seems like high level disciplines will be the average for the character base. With 1-2 master disciplines dictating end game roles for a character (like merits in FFXI that dictate your worth in endgame in a job over another). You have the extra advantage that endgame requires. Just my 2 cents.

It might be possible to have more master roles. But it seems time will be a huge factor and how you use it to progress. The average player will have one or two. The hardcore players will expand to more master roles.

The seesaw effect to me limits a characters progress. It's the reasons why players had mules so they could max more then one craft out.

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