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Famitsu - Progression of GuildleveFollow

#1 Sep 03 2009 at 12:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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Japan brings us the latest Final Fantasy XIV information this week with another look into the alpha demonstration from Gamescom. Just when you thought it has been examined to death, the crew at Famitsu manage to bring to light a few more things fans may have overlooked.

At Gamescom, Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka gave a tour of Guildleve, wherein he had to defeat a number of Dodos and the Puks that appear afterwards. Guildleve will be a system of quests that make up the bulk of Final Fantasy XIV's game play. Now we get to take a closer look at how the Guildleve system works and how a typical quest progresses.

Read the article here
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#2 Sep 03 2009 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Hm, I wonder what implications the left handed action bar has for dual wield? That could be a very welcome addition.
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Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

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Makes me wonder if we'll be seeing Genji gloves...
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Personal warps, handy!
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One required players defeat monsters called "Nut Eaters"

Best mob name ever.
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...the intended target of the Guildleve will not pop unless certain conditions are met. Once all required monsters are defeated (i.e. Dodos and Puks) the Guildleve will be complete.

Meeting certain conditions is required for the next target to appear in some cases.

Reminds me of hunting down rare monsters in FFXII. Need to be a certain time, have a certain chain of enemies, kill all enemies in an area, don't kill any enemies in an area, have certain people in your party, order to get some monsters to appear.

I wonder how many Guildleves are going to have conditions that must be met before the final target appears?

Once all the conditions of the player's quest have been fulfilled, a Warp Point will spawn right before you. The Warp Point will transport the player back to the Aetheryte where the Guildleve began.

Right in front of us, hm? I think this will make things easier for a lot of players who hate traveling forever to kill a few things and then traveling all the way back.
This will definitely make it easier to complete multiple leves each time you play.

The player selects which action or ability they wish to use and it registers to their right-hand or left-hand gauge, depending on which hand holds the associated equipment.

Sounds fun. I haven't seen something like this in an MMORPG before and I hope that it really adds excitement and new tactics to battle.
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