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Just alittle confused with LevelingFollow

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So we know the whole level and xp system of trational MMO is gone with the new weapon skill system. What I'm wonder is if your HP/MP and stats linked to your weapon skill or linked to your character?. In other words if I have a sword skill at Lv50 and I switch to a staff of LV1 does all my stats and HP/MP fall to a LV1 rating or maintain at LV50?

Honestly from what I read it sounds like they drew alot of inspraitions from Final Fantasy II but just wondering if it'll work just like that or alittle different?
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I think that a lot of people are wondering the same exact thing. I have a friend who was interested in playing this game and he asked me this exact question, so I explained my theory to him.

You're right by saying that we don't gain xp or levels like in a traditional MMORPG. Instead, we learn new skills by using weapons.

Now I think (can't remember which interview I read it in) that the types of equipment we can equip depends on which skills that we know. Equipment will probably come with stat boosters built in.

So a warriors equipment will have more HP stats and STR stats, and a mages equipment will have more INT and MP stats.

Use weapon --> Learn skills --> Wear equipment --> Get stats.
That's how I think it will be.

Alternatively, there is another route that this could that and is just as feasible.

Player could get stat boosts from skills (or skill ranks if they exist). For example, learning a defensive skill permanently increases your DEF and your HP a little bit. Raising that skill increases your DEF and HP even more.
This would mean that different people, who have different skills at different ranks also all have different stats.

Then, armor can be stat dependent. For example, you can't wear heavy armor unless your STR is at least some number and your AGI is some number (but lower).
Light armor may require a higher agi, a bit lower strength, maybe some INT?
Mages armor would require a certain INT or WIS (or whatever).
So armor would be dependent on the stats that you're skills give.

Use weapon --> Learn skills --> Get stats --> Wear equipment.

Although I like the second scenario better, I'm pretty sure it will be like the first.

Edit; To clarify, if you have a lot of sword skills, but then switch to a magic weapon, you wouldn't be able to use those sword skills, or wear the armor associated with them, so yes, your stats would go way down.

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....then could it be like ".hack" series games?
In ".hack" series games, you learn different type of skills and gain different type of stats by switching weapons and armor.
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Actualy there is another rout, the one used by UO and Darkfall. Stats are not bound (for the most part) to your skills or armor, HP and MP do not go up at arbitrary points. Instead you have, lets say 100 hp and 100 mp, and your skills determine how much less damage you take from monsters as well as how accurate you are and what moves you know.

or... Have stat - equip gear --> learn skills + get gil --> buy better gear

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