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Would you consider learning japanese for FFXIV??Follow

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Professor shintasama wrote:
I have a minor in Japanese and don't bother to translate PT chit-chat most of the time, it just requires paying too much attention. In game conversations also tend to have quite a bit of slang which makes things confusing. If you're going to try though, get IME so you can type in kana/kanji.

Well I speak Korean not very similar to Japanese. But I taught myself Japanese after a few months playing FFXI. Got to the point I was fluent in reading it. But I have forgotten most of it because you don't use you lose. Only "Slang" that threw me off was Kansai-Ben. Korea has a dialect similar to a Northern accent and I get lost trying to process some of it and the dialect around JeJu Island.

So now when I pt with Japanese people I don't even mention I can speak Japanese. It really is too bothersome trying to translate it all and do pt stuff.
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jtftaru wrote:
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