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Not a prediction per se, just a thought. What if durability doesn't result in equipment becoming unusable, just weakened? i.e., your sword's durability wears down, but it never breaks, only becomes dull. You take it to a blacksmith to get it fixed up, and it gets its stats boosted back up.

So basically crafters become buffers. People with higher crafting skill would be able to give stronger buffs to your equipment, though they would be somewhat temporary.
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It's an interesting thought, but I always assumed that the weapon or armor in question might simply break, and then be taken to a blacksmith to repair. There's no reason why both wouldn't work, what with the temporary crafting buffs, although if a weapon broke completely, it does make one wonder what would happen to the user's 'job' as it happened.

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I remember reading somewhere that at higher skills and parties that the warrior disciples were supposed to be able to party with the crafting disciples.

That got me thinking about how that would actually work, until I read how they described weapons weakening over time etc..

Lets say a blacksmith operated more like a bard (ffxi-style) in a party this time around. Aside from being able to create weapons/armor outside of combat. Lets say in combat has some minor offense skill, but also is able to do things like:

Expose Weakness - Dent an enemy's armor for extra damage (where dented)*
Sharpen Swords - All weapons gain a bonus to damage and now also Pierce armor
Tighten Up - The Blacksmith reforges a party member's armor and gives +defense

List could go on, but that's honestly how I see it.

Aside from that outside of battle I would assume that lets say char A (Bobo) has used his sword to death and it's now exremely dull with a loss of DMG. Bobo takes the weapon to the closest cities crafting district. He meets char B (Cece). Cece has blacksmithing leveled but her skill is not as high as the swords skill level with Bobo and thus cannot fully repair it. Bobo then finds char C (Mimi) who's skill level exceeds the swordskill of Bobo and she repairs it and adds a slight stat bonus (lasts X amount of hours) to it.

Thus I have a feeling that enchanted items will be making a glorious return in FFXIV, since it was probably one of the better things that came out of XI, and can be simply improved upon, with PC's having access to create them.

*(where dented) - refers to SE's denotation that positioning around a mob would be much more important this time around, say the exposed armor is on the backside of the enemy, it would be wise of the groups greatest DD to move around back and continue attacking.

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