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#52 Oct 22 2009 at 9:13 PM Rating: Good
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Im trying to reinstall it but this idiotic university internet keeps timing out when I try to update..
#53 Oct 23 2009 at 12:38 AM Rating: Good
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I quit some 2 years ago just due to being tired of it really and eventually moved onto Lord of the Rings Online which I'm still playing now. I'll definitely be looking at XIV once it's released though along with The Old Republic.
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#54 Oct 26 2009 at 12:53 AM Rating: Decent
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Just playing DOTA and MVC2 ~
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#55 Oct 27 2009 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
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I'll leave FFXI the day the servers shut down. Hopefully with a maat's cap by then.

I think instead of logging, I'll just afk park in Darter's Aery and see if I can squeeze out a Faffy aggro death before that fateful, final disconnect. Haven't had one of those since 2004.
Square Enix wrote:

We have received reports that a popular third-party FINAL FANTASY XI website had been infecting customers with malicious software...

We suggest that our customers read up on precautionary measures they can take to ensure the safety of their information online.

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#56 Oct 27 2009 at 9:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, i started and quit 3 or 4 seperate times. All the time with the intent of getting endgame but becoming so involved i can't do it.

I last quit 8 or 10 months ago when level sync was released. It made the game great, but it was still too much of a grind. Even the quests which are supposed to be a side story still felt like a ridiculous grind. I stopped and have not looked back. I listen to the music occasionally as a reminder of how awesome times were but i will never forget the good times. Trains in yhoator jungle were awesome and a few other little things like my first Eco warrior quest from... bastok i think, fighting those blobs in the mines.

A lot has changed that has made the game much much better, but the game now, is what should have been released.

I play Phantasy star online on a private server a lot, old gamecube games, oblivion and a few other games. I got a friend trying Eve and we will see where i go. If i can get into the FFXIV Beta it will really decide for me if that is what i want to do permanently or not. I would love a fresh MMO to get into and it is shaping up awesome, but time will tell i am sure there will be faults.
#57 Oct 27 2009 at 9:49 PM Rating: Decent
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I got banned in 06 or something and started playing again like 2 months after, but I couldn't get into it, due to all the work that was lost on my old character. I played on and off until I heard about Rapture, then I quit because I fully expected it to be FFXIV and I knew I'd just play that anyways. Plus I wanted to focus on things other than video games. Chillin' with my PS3 until FFXIV gets released.
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#58 Oct 28 2009 at 9:32 AM Rating: Excellent
1,863 posts
I started FFXI on the first day of its initial release. I was with the game through Zilart and CoP. I remember when Diabolos was added, but wound up leaving before TAU came out.

I'd GM'd a 90-person social linkshell, spun off a separate successful Sky shell, ran two CoP statics through to Sea, wrote a number of guides on the CoP zones that were semi-popular on the main forums here, and eventually helped charter and run a Dynamis shell. (Didn't stick around to kill the Shadow Lord, but I understand the shell took him down not long after my departure.)

After all that I felt I didn't have more to do, so I said goodbye and parted ways with Vana'diel.

I spent my free time living life. I stayed off MMOs and messed with console gaming instead.

After about a year I drifted into EVE Online. EVE makes for a very pretty chat room but just doesn't suit me. That Christmas someone bought me WoW, so I tried it out for the first time. It wound up being a lot of fun, though the whole game is very easy compared to FFXI.

I joined WoW around the time Outland was added (dark portal expansion) and played through it's endgame content. I didn't feel like leading anymore but I wound up officering in a few different guilds. I found my tolerance for failure was quite low - after doing 64-man content you start to wonder why 25 people can't get their act together. I'd also had more than my share of drama in FFXI so tolerated it not at all in WoW. ^_^

Results were good; we stomped Outlands content, and when the Lich King expansion rolled in we blitzed our way to 80, then trashed all the available raids. Achievements got added, so my guild started farming those, too... and then came the day when I realized how boring all that was. I was playing around on the PTR waiting for Ulduar to be released when that same feeling washed over me. I had done everything I felt like doing. I said my goodbyes, logged out, and put my character into stasis forever. I've not been back.

It's been about eight months since I left WoW. I dabbled in EVE again but EVE hasn't changed - neither has my impression of it. I installed the FFXI trial so I could bounce a Taru around East and West Saru for a couple weeks. Turns out I miss Vana'diel quite a lot - there are social elements to this game that WoW never duplicated. This was the game I always wound up comparing WoW to, and this is the game I wished WoW were more like.

My old server feels like a ghost town. I understand the dynamic; ****, everybody was 75 and working on merits when I left.. there's no reason to expect a large newbie population to be bouncing around. I'm sure there are people up at the higher levels, but the more I play the trial version, the more I remember all the sticking points that made so many flock to WoW: loss of xp on death. Death by poison. Limited soloability, particularly for healers. Long travel times. The list goes on.

I don't think I'll start a new FFXI subscription, but I find I'm looking forward to FFXIV. I'll be one of those folks who still calls a Taru by its original name.
#59 Oct 28 2009 at 7:03 PM Rating: Decent
1,426 posts
i quit ffxi a few years ago and played multiple MMOs since then. right now though i'm playing demon's souls(not really a MMMO but has really good pvp) until the new FF MMO is released.
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#60 Oct 30 2009 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
1,230 posts
I left at the end of June. There was still a lot left that I wanted to do, but other people leaving left me with partial static for Nyzul, no one around me wanted to do WotG missions, and even with the better drop rates my 2 final pieces of relic armor refused to drop in Dynamis (they did within 2 weeks after I left, of course).

It became so much of a second job to me - one that I didn't enjoy. So, rather than waste my time and let my frustrations affect my wife, I signed off. I had a lot of fun giving all my stuff away.

In the mean time, I've been playing console games on the PS3 for the first time in about 6 years. I've finished Crystal Defenders, been working through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Lair, and The Elder Scrolls IV. ESIV has filled my RPG fix to a point; but it's not Final Fantasy, and I really miss the community of FFXI (as well as the gameplay & music).

I'm really looking forward to XIV, and to a lesser extent, XIII. I prefer to party with real people. Hearing some XI music recently conjured some serious nostalgia, but I'm not coming back. I'll keep unlocking my Star Wars trophies and maybe do some Uncharted 2 until the year of PS3 Final Fantasy arrives. At that point, you'll very likely find me wandering around Hydaelyn for the vast majority of my game time.

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#61 Nov 01 2009 at 5:28 AM Rating: Decent
i left xi just a couple days ago, i only lasted about four months on it unfortunately :I

it just got boring after awhile, i know when it first came out xi was the best of the best, but now it's just all this downtime waiting for a party, to fight unbalanced monsters, getting yelled at for not having certain classes, mindless power leveling... etc

i'm hoping for big changes in ffxiv, and SE's hyping it up enough that i'm getting my hopes up, haha
#62 Nov 01 2009 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
83 posts

I quit about 3 months ago. Been playing since the start of 04. Pretty much done everything I wanted to. Except get 100 smithing >.> and 5 jobs away from the cap. The game just got boring and I hated every second I was logged in. Started playing WoW have a 65 paladin. I really like the game but I find myself comparing it too much to ffxi and it feels like I'm playing a 1 player rpg.

I reinstalled ffxi 2 weeks ago and tried to start over. I got 20 and gave up. I can't do this again. Can't wait for ffxiv to come out!

#63 Nov 01 2009 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
I left XI several years ago, i only played for about 2 years. It was fun and challenging, but far too much of a time sink, and I like chasing woman more. I moved Lotro when it came out, and still play there, all though all this FFXVI hype is stopping me from wanting to play Lotro. Not really sure why that's the case, but non the less, Mostly playing PS3 and PC rpg's until i can get into some beta action.
#64 Nov 01 2009 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
215 posts
I quit around 3 months ago played since hdd on ps2,I leveled some of the unpopular endgame and non merit friendly jobs(Bst,Pld,Thf).

I got tired of having to merit on my DRG only and not being able to use my other jobs in endgame events.

I wanted them to bring back skill chaining and MBs back.I was planning on coming back if they buffed Bst up but that doesn't look like it will be happening.
#65 Nov 01 2009 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
9,209 posts
Quit since end of Feb this year. 0 Intention of coming back.
FFXIV? maybe not.
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