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#1 Nov 22 2009 at 4:27 PM Rating: Sub-Default
I very much enjoyed the party system but now that we wont be having exp or levels are we still going to be grouping up to go kill some gobs or what?
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How we progress in ffxiv will not be labeled with exp. points and level. Your progression will be labeled by your weapon, armor and craft progression. People will still be in full parties, small groups and even solo. The more you use one type set of weapon, armor and/or craft the more paths will unlock for that certain weapon, armor tree. Crafting, more the same, if you start as a culinary u decide to stick with making juices and fruit base foods the more recipes for that specified area will unlock for the cooker. Same if you decide to go with meat based foods, fish, bread, pasta. With all the info released, this is the speculation for the majority of us.
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taruSlasHpanic wrote:
Die in a fire.
George Carlin wrote:
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While you're still alive.

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lolgaxe wrote:
taruSlasHpanic wrote:
Die in a fire.

Stared at your avatar for a minute waiting to see what happens. When I saw it went passed 1 minute, I said **** it and opened it with gimp just to see that it just counts up to 30 minutes. Wut?
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I like this avatar better than the other garbage he has with with his **** animu characters spiderman or boobs.

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