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Square Enix Creates Online "Crysta" CurrencyFollow

#52 Dec 04 2009 at 4:16 AM Rating: Good
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Yes, selling access to real items and such for real money would be horrible, has ruined many a silly free MMO, and SE is likely not that stupid. However, I have to wonder why any step into the world of Micro Transactions for vanity stuff is viewed as the result of pure, distilled evil.

Yes, I get that we should be given access to the entire game when we supposedly pay for the entire game, and in theory the people who try and resell you part of the full game are evil. That is not necessarily how it need be though, and it can be difficult for people outside to tell the difference.

When a company looks at what they want to make for their game, both during original development and continued development, there is only so much time, money, and manpower. Even for a company with ridiculous resources, it is simply a truth of the world that there must be some $X to work with. So you prioritize. Say they have enough resources to get the Pink Fedora of Fluffy Cute out with the original release, and can justify making the Pink Bow-Tie of Fluffy Cute for some free patch in the future. There may still be a guy putting about the office talking about his Pink Top-Hat of Fluffy Cute he really wanted to get into the game, but now the resources of the company have been redirected towards making some new instanced content or somesuch. Perhaps, then, our lovely Top-Hat could potentially make it onto the schedule as something players could purchase in some micro-transaction where, otherwise, it would never have existed at all.

I am not naive, I know full well that there are people in the world who will happily sell you something, and then try and sell you the pieces he didn't sell you the first time so that you can get the "full experience." You cannot, however, just go about in a cynical, paranoid fervor acting like that is the only side of the micro-transactions coin.
#53 Dec 04 2009 at 6:09 AM Rating: Default
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So what if they got rid of the monthly subscription and made it free to play but made it an option to where players could use the cash shop to buy the same gear you could still get in the game? Considering how big FFXIV could possibly be; it's quite likely that Square Enix would make way more money by making the game free like Guild Wars just with an added Cash Shop for those that have money to throw at the company. It's not like you're giving it to RMT or a bad company. This Crysta only will work if the monthly subscription fee is dropped OR they make all hard to obtain items more obtainable. IE pop items to pop all NMs and make the drops 100%. But that would obviously take away from the rarity of a lot of piece of gears. There is so much to debate on this system but I don't have time to explain every point to argue for or against this. It is possible to have a cash shop in a MMO and have it be fair to paying players and subscription players. I used to be against this business model but if done right it could actually be okay in the end. It all depends on SE at this point. That's my 2 gil.

It would make the game unbalanced to do so. Player A can afford to make real money purchases vs, Player B who cannot. If Player B doesn't have that good gear most likely he/she would be labeled as a nub, because they doesn't have the LEET gears. Player A bought all his/her gear from the Cash Shop, because they can afford to do so. Why should Player A bother wasting time camping NM's? It would just make the game somewhat one sided were you're only as good as your pockets are deep.

In the case of FFXIV it would seem like they could be making some Universal program, almost like a HUB of some sort. Where you log in via Xbox,PS3,PC, or Website. Where you have a little Avatar(NXE anyone....) where you basically buy vanity items just for that. Having no effect on the game what so ever. In addition to that making, so you can download game made by Square-enix and play directly from this "HUB idea." Giving you the whole Xbox360 feel, with little Jpop versions of yourself. >.>; Still don't know the specifics so we'll just have to wait.
#54 Dec 04 2009 at 1:32 PM Rating: Good
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If Player B doesn't have that good gear most likely he/she would be labeled as a nub, because they doesn't have the LEET gears.

Yes, that would be a fast way to ruin a game. Again, not the only way to handle it.

One could feasibly implement a system where, on top of vanity items, one could purchase some equipment which is better than trash drops, and worse than honest-to-god worked for pieces. Those items would only be purchased by the extremely lazy who have money floating around and, to be honest, it would be great to be able to identify these people right off so that I can avoid them. They can get together and form Parties of Mediocrity amongst themselves, and have a right ball.

If SE wants to make a little money off of these Moron Labels, power to them.

This of course being a purely hypothetical discussion, and dependent solely on the level of competence of those building said system. This, I admit, is far from a certainty.

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#55 Dec 04 2009 at 1:38 PM Rating: Good
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First off I'll agree with everyone saying that even vanity items should not be sold for real currency. This is one of the reasons why I really like WoW, even though I no longer play it. There are so many in game holidays where you can obtain vanity items, pets, mounts, gear, etc...Blizzard offers their customers a lot beyond the main game for the money they pay.

Now that I have said that I'd also like to explain EVE Online's way of fighting RMT by doing it themselves. There is one legal way of purchasing isk (the in game currency) and it involves an item called PLEX. PLEX (Pilot's License Extension I believe is what PLEX is short for) is an item that can be purchased from the EVE Online website that, when used, extends your subscription by one month. In that sense it's much like a pre-paid game card, the difference is the only way to use it is in-game. It is also tradeable. Once you buy it you can place it on the market for anyone to buy with isk and use - which essentially means you can pay $30 (you can only buy PLEX in sets of two) and receive the current market price of two PLEX (usually runs around 500-600 million isk). This also means that if you know how to make enough isk you can pay for PLEX with the in game currency and never have to actually pay for your game. I think the system works great as it services new and old players. For new players 500 million isk is a whole lot of money that will last for several months but for old players 250 million isk isn't that much and is well worth paying for if you never have to use real money again.

I'm not saying this will work for FFXIV though as EVE is a unique game. I'd be willing to say any system like this in FFXIV would ruin it.
#56 Dec 04 2009 at 5:05 PM Rating: Good
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Great... Ever since FFXIV's announcement, I've been very excited about it. Now I'm not so sure. I sincerely hope SE stays far far away from buying in game stuff for real world currency, all the people with money to burn will be the leet ones, while the rest of us will have Jack sh*t.

Then again, if Crysta can be used to pay the monthly subscription, then I welcome it with open arms. The ONLY reason I left FFXI was because POL didn't like my Visa...

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#57 Dec 05 2009 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
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i personally am hating the possibility that they will do mircotransactions, even when it comes to cosmetics. just think of the festivals they do every year(they are the same ones) and within the first time or 2 they allowed people to just purchase those santa outfits for nothing at the moogles. every year they could be adding a new set for the repeat players that are still paying like the others. i can't tell SE how to make there money as much as i can't say don't buy there crap lol. but they should be putting this stuff in with the normal 15bucks a month and that's it. i personally can't stand to look at all them 5dollar buyoffs on ps3 as addons for clothes. up up down down left right left right b a select start and wooot some new gear to wear not gimme 5bucks. they keep finding ways to squeeze people and i find it rather anoying. as for it being used for paying the monthly that would be great, anything that will sell somewhere that doesn't need a credit card would make me happy. but i defenently won't play this game if any type of ingame buy and sell will be happenin.

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#58 Dec 12 2009 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
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As long as it is only for vanity items, I will not even pay attention to Crysta. I just don't want to pay more than the monthly fee to do anything/everything in the game. If it can sit there without affecting me, yet deter RMT, that's a bonus.

(I actually feel the real purpose SE is integrating this is for $$$$)
#59 Dec 12 2009 at 1:51 PM Rating: Decent
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lol of course for the money, i myself will not contribute to it. i would rather not see rmt in my gaming though but my bet is it won't get rid of them and we will have two hands feeding the one mouth of SE. i will check this out 2morrow when it releases see how it works. personally i'd like to just be able to pay with a playstation network game card but i doubt that will happen. but anything that i can pick up at a store and not use credit cards will make me happy. but it will be upsetting a bit if people are all rockin clothes i can't cause i refuse to pay for them in a game so oriented in earning your gear the right way.
#60 Dec 14 2009 at 6:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Today is the 14th, the day this crysta stuff is supposed to hit the streets. not seeing it in there sites yet, maybe little early in the morning but i'ma keep my eyes out so i can see how it will work. anyone see how and where?
#61 Dec 17 2009 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
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When people bought things from illegal RMTs there were plenty of legitimate reasons to talk trash about them.

If SE uses Crysta and condones the practice of using real money to buy in game items which give certain advantages, all the people that buy those items will have the argument, "Well.. Square Enix said it was alright. I'm not breakin any rules." ... And they will be right...

That is going to be annoying.. and may very well prevent me from playing.
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#62 Dec 19 2009 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok I don't have a a problem with this when it's a free to play MMO. They need to make money somehow. But a pay to play MMO. This just seems a bit ridiculous. We all know FFXIV will have a subscription fee, we just don't know how much. But if they throw in a "Hey you want this epic item here? Well instead of spending a crap load of your time gather the items to quest for it, make it, or to buy it on AH; we'll just sell it to you for the money you spent a crap load of time earning in real life."

Hurray, now I don't have to waste my time in game to get something I really want... Wait, did I just spend $10 on a hat for a character in a game I pay to play? FAIL!!

Umm.. I'm going with a negative on this.
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