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In my delirium of waiting for FFXIV, I have come up with some unique boss battles that don't boil down to poking the boss, he goes ouch, a certain amount of time passes and the boss finally gives in and decides to feign death to have a reprieve from countless players after his loot. Instead of the dps race most games have for boss battle, I've come up with some ideas for different kinds of battles that take skill instead of the best gear you can find.

The 2 "battles" I have really thought about come from the same boss. He is the creator of the world, thought to have been tainted and set to destroy what he created, you not wanting to be destroyed grab a couple of friends and set out to stop his evilness. But once you finally get to said evil creator guy you find out he was just having some fun and wanted to test his creations. Having no hope of actually defeating the thing that created you he instead has a couple of "tests" that he puts you through.

As you Enter his lair he looks and you and laughs, while he does this all your gear is destroyed and you hear him say "Your dependence on the pathetic equipment is shameful, trust in your skill not in what you carry." This battle is than akin to more of skill based were you are awarded points or something to that affect when you work as a team with your party (like doing Skillchains/Magic Bursts or whatever the counterparts are for FFXIV) there is no risk in dieing for this part but you can loose by not acquiring enough points.

For the other encounter he is feeling like having an Epic battle, he summons a table in front of him and beckons you over, the table is very deep and you can see a massive battlefield with an enormous dragon on one end. On the other is 10 different armies. you get to pick 1 of the armies to control to subdue the dragon, but only with teamwork with the different abilities and tricks the armies have with the rest of your party.

What are some other ways to have a boss battle that doesn't rely on gear? lets get thinking!

Here are some other kinda impractical ideas i had for battles:
1)chibi battle, the boss turns everyone into chibi versions of themselves. your goal is either to A)cutify him to death or B)cause him to have a laugh related death. all your abilities are replaced with cute or laugh related ones to achieve such goals, band together with your allies to come up with the cutest/funniest ability combos to slay the evil chibi boss!
2)Black hole battle, as your party enters the boss summons a black hole in the middle of everyone and your party ceases to exist, and also your character becomes unaccessable until...
3)White hole battle, the boss summons a white hole that shoots all the players from wich he gobbled up with the black hole at your party, be quick on your toes as not to be hit by flying players!
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but let's talk about boss battles?

I for one would like to see cutscenes throughout the battle! this is final fantasy
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