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Man I can't wait for this to be release. Yes we got the 3 nations, but only 1 has info. I can't wait to hear also from the areas we will get to travel too, the conditions and terrains of each area. What mobs will look like, because I doubt they will have the same as XI and they will compete to have better ones that WoW does. How about the auction houses? Every mmo has one, but I wonder how it will work this time around. Will they bring back a city that has "Jueno Tax" or a bazaar of some sort with tax? How much will gil be put into play like ffxi? I would like to see the auction house be used more, maybe start with 7 slots, and just like hte mog house quests, unlock more slots. And maybe have all areas link to one auction house to stop inflation and deflation in prices.

I hope guilds can be started in all areas, which I know wont, because as far as each discipline it already talks about where they started and such, so its gonna be like 11 where each nation has a certain guild.

How bout as far as nation and teleporting, teleporting has been a big speculation in 14, rumors going around being able ot teleport anyhwere, so whats gnna happen to conquests, or whitemages teleport service??
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