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FFXI Camp Fire stories to pass the time till FFXIVFollow

#1 Dec 30 2009 at 12:42 AM Rating: Excellent
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It was a bout 4 years into release when I started playing. My friend was powerleveling me and he had to run to Mhuara to grab something. He told me to follow him and showed me how to target and auto run. During the entire run I was fiddling with my keyboard and figuring out all the commands and shortcuts. Right outside the gates to Selbina I figured out how to sit. I stopped running behind the level 30 WHM protecting by behind and got slaughtered by a goblin. I was on the phone with my friend at the time and he couldn't breathe he was laughing so hard.

Now it's your turn. Share your war stories!

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#2 Dec 30 2009 at 12:52 AM Rating: Excellent
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I have a bunch of stupid ones, but here's the first.

Once while partying in Yhoat, we were fighting an overgrown rose and things were heading for the deep-end. Slept the beast, and we teleport-yhoat'ed away. About 30 seconds after arriving and resting, the overgrown rose came rushing out of a tunnel and demolished us. It had somehow followed us all the way across the map after we ported.

I understand we technically were in the same zone, but I assumed that the teleport (even to the same area) counted as zoning (and letting us lose hate).


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#3 Dec 30 2009 at 2:13 AM Rating: Good
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I started during the ps2 release. I remember when I first started playing, i didnt know about the /heal to heal. So after every fight about when i was low on health, ran all the way back to my moghouse just to heal. Took me a few days, if i remember, to finaly find out how to /heal. Save a lot of running when found it out.
#4 Dec 30 2009 at 7:13 AM Rating: Excellent
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I had just got my first character (WHM) to level 30, on Carbuncle. I was so excited that I finally could unlock Summoner, because I thought it was going to be the coolest job. It ended up taking me a few days to get it unlocked, but as soon as I did my leveling was on fire. I soloed until about level 12, and as I was running back to San O' Doria guess who I happen to run into in West Ronfaure, Jaggedy-Eared Jack.

At this time I knew he was an NM but I had no idea the worth of his drop and how desired this NM was. Anyways I ended up engaging him, and within seconds I had 9-10 high levels around me watching. I was getting my *** handed to me, and a few of the high levels just told me to call for /help, but I refused. Ended up popping my 2HR, and killed him with 5HP left.

No drop, but if there would have been this would of been probably one of my best FFXI stories.

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#5 Dec 30 2009 at 8:34 AM Rating: Excellent
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Just managed to get my first job, BLM, camping at the Oasis camp in Valkurm dunes. Just got to level 15 and learnt Stonega, yay!

So, I decided to test it out...

2 minutes later:

WAR: "Um... Why did all those leeches attack us?"
RDM: "Sorry... I must've pressed my Diaga macro by mistake :'("
Eiden the BLM: "Er... aw... don't worry RDM, everyone makes mistakes! ^^;;;;"

Good times.
#6 Dec 30 2009 at 8:48 AM Rating: Default
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when i first started i was a rdm on my PS2. It only took me 2 days to figure out how to heal. After that it was easy to get past lvl 1. Hopefully it will take me less time to figure out how to heal on FFXIV. lol
#7 Dec 30 2009 at 10:55 AM Rating: Good
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I remember back when I first started Beta for FFXI. I met a group that was headed to Selbina and the dunes, so we all ran out there (I was a level 10 WHM at the time). After a short time, someone suggested running to Sandoria to check it out (none of us had been there). I was excited because I really wanted to hear the music in the area... so off we went, about 15 of us. We were busy navigating our way through the plateau when someone says "look at that huge sheep!" so we all run to check it out... "hmmm Bloodtear Baldruf that is a cool name. I want to get a Screen Shot!" so I run up to its face ready to take a quick picture and BANG dead.

Everyone was in hysterics (and no one had raise), I think it hit me for like 500 or something like that. I quickly realized that my HP was still at my MH in Windy. I sadly homepointed and over the course of a couple days made my way back to Selbina on my own and with great determination found my way to Sandy (I picked up a few new friends along the way). I still think of it as one of my favorite adventures in FFXI.
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#8 Dec 30 2009 at 12:01 PM Rating: Excellent
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This was the greatest time I ever had. When I first started playing shortly after the NA release I ran into this LS (Autobots for those on Bismark) while doing one of the earlier Bastok missions. They added me to their pt and we did the mission. Afterward they invited me to the LS to which I happily accepted. Many of us newer players got together in the Highlands to lvl one day. Well our screens started shaking and we couldn't figure out why. Oh noes here comes Rampaging Ram to chase us around. Needless to say I was the only one to die. While waiting for an LS mate to come raise me they decided to play cards on my dead corpse.

Several more encounters with Rampaging Ram lead to death and a searing hatred for him. Once I got a job high enough to solo him I would kill him every time I got a chance, enjoying it each time.

Ah the good old days.
#9 Dec 30 2009 at 12:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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lmao @ Eiden's story

here's my stories...

Being a first timer for FF series and MMORPGs (only played ONE ARPG before too), I have no idea what I need to do, or what's going on in FFXI. I started playing because all my friends are playing and urged me to join them when NA official release. here's my noob moment during my FFXI.

I remember when I first joined, there was a Halloween event, that was my first time seeing undeads and ghouls in Bastok Markets, I was like Level 5. Then one night (in game night) I decided to run up the hill in South Gustaberg, I saw this undead, and I thought they were the same as those NPC undeads in town trick or treating. So I disregard them and /heal at a corner, but only saw him ran all the way to me and slash me with hi scythe.. and I died... I asked my friend "wth was going on, this NPC killed me!" then I told them my story and they all laughed in tears.

2nd noob moment was also happened in South Gustaberg... being a noob myself, I joined the game because of my friends, I was a level 7 WAR and my friend was already partying at Dunes, they didnt allow me to join and I yelled at them (of course I know why now lol). I leveled to WAR8 and kept deleveling back to 7 because I died too often, and I threatened to quit the game coz my friends were not playing with me. My friends wondered why I always died so often, they came check how I play. I always try only the DC or EM but I still died.
sooo.......... at one of the fight... when I almost going to be killed..
one of my friend said "USE WEAPON SKILL"
and I was like ... WTF IS THAT!? HOW?!
friend: what is ur TP?
me: 300% and it's flashing!
Me deleveled to Level 7........
yup... then I finally learned how to marco and do Fast Blades lol

#10 Dec 30 2009 at 1:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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Some guy was tryign to show me how to fight (within my first 10 minutes in FFXI)

I was a blm and I'm attcking this worm and hes saying "Use Stone! Use Stone!"

So I tried to select and use this stupid scroll called stone on the worm and it's telling me I can't do that and I die.

After I figured out stone I changed jobs and didn't pick up BLM again for quite some time...

#11 Dec 30 2009 at 1:37 PM Rating: Excellent
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....many many years ago.., On Caitsith, there were alot of chinese gil farmers, but this one group stood out, all having similar names, which I cant remember now. One day in thier 50s , they were lvling at bottom of Gar Citadel, and even though they were terrible at it, they were gaining some exp....

....until I took my lvling BST over to thier camp and got a very lucky explosion with one of the Bombs on my pet, Killing all 5 of thier party, and becoming a Hero for a day on my server. Many players cheered and laughd and noone raised them, and I only wish I still had the screenshots i took of thier dead bodies for everyone to see.
ps : was before certain patches and rules about pking

#12 Dec 30 2009 at 2:22 PM Rating: Good
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5 hours doing 2-3 for first time, now only takes me about 30 mins to do entire quest lol
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#13 Dec 30 2009 at 2:28 PM Rating: Excellent
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When I first started, I got WHM to level 7 and one of the friends I had made invited me to go to Windurst with her. So it's a long walk and around the corner basically anything could one-shot me so I'm nervously sneaking around behind my fellow level 7 escort. Then, partway through Buburimu Peninsula, she disconnects. I'm now stranded and have no idea which way to go to find safety until I'm eventually killed and sent back to Selbina. At that point, I just wanted to go back to Bastok and enjoy safety and die a few more times trying to solo my way back. Eventually, a level 20-something person volunteered to help me get back to Bastok. I forget his name and I don't think he still plays, but I'm still grateful to him for helping a directionally impaired and too-broke-to-afford-maps WHM get back home.
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#14 Dec 30 2009 at 4:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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I didn't have O. Kotes on MNK till about lvl 50 because it was before the Rare/ex'ing of them and I was always poor. I went on a break from the game for a couple months and when I came back they had changed them to Rare/ex so I decided to go give them a shot. There was one other camper there when I showed up, we were talking for a bit and then he left before Deggi spawned. So I sit around for a couple more minutes and he spawns, I kill him... O. Kotes! At the time I thought they had upped the drop rate when they Rare/ex'd it, so I didn't think much of it, So I warp back to jeuno with them on and the same dude who was there with me sees I have them on and he knew I had not tried for them before, within minutes I have quite a bit of Lower Jeuno shouting "Lucky Bas****" at me ;)... I still enjoy people's reaction when they hear I went 1/1 with deggi, lol
#15 Dec 30 2009 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Some chinese gil farmers stumbled upon me in Ifrit's Cauldron while i was soloing on Bst asking me for directions but i didn't understand there lousy english at all. So i led them through the whole zone multiple times and each of them died atleast 20 times each, whenever there was a NM they would try to fight it and die. It was quite entertaining watching them running with 20 bombs trailing.

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#16 Dec 30 2009 at 5:39 PM Rating: Decent
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2003: Everybody had one and told me I should get one too: a mule.

So I looked for one at the AH for quite some time. I must have scrolled down the lists under Furnishings and Misc. a dozen times.

BOO! (after all, it IS supposed to be a campfire story)
#17 Dec 30 2009 at 6:07 PM Rating: Default
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This one time, when I was a level 16 on my old white mage Susiecue, I was in a party in the Valkurm Dunes. Suddenly, I started yelling "THERE WAS A PIECE OF BEEF IN MY CHICKEN QUESIDILLA!" (which was true) and everyone called me a wimp. I decided to leave the party in the middle of the battle because they were mean, and they totally got destroyed and were /t'ing me that I sucked and stuff.
Good times XD
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#18 Dec 30 2009 at 6:32 PM Rating: Good
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When I was first starting, I wasn't really into leveling and I just wanted to explore. I tried to explore areas far from San d'Oria but I didn't know a lot about the game and I kept dying. So, I made a [GM] call explaining that I wanted to see more of Vana'diel and requested assistance (I really didn't understand what Game Masters for for at this point, hadn't really played any MMORPGs). The Game Master I spoke to must have felt bad for me because he answered my call and decided to warp me to Windurst. I was pretty amazed by the huge change in scenery, and explored all of the Windurstian areas.
Then, I got bored again and was seeking new things to do. I was at the Auction House in Windurst browsing and decided to play a 'trick' on someone who was even newer than me (I guess I thought this was clever at age 12). I bought a Venom Potion and found a random low level Tarutaru near the AH. I traded them the potion and told them I would pay them 2000G to consume it. The Tarutaru agreed (probably just to be nice). That was when I met my first friend. She died. We talked and played FFXI together for 4 years, and now I miss her. I hope we play FFXIV together. the end.
#19 Dec 30 2009 at 7:54 PM Rating: Good
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When i first started at the NA PC launch, my real life friends had picked san'doria while i picked windurst. So we communicated a bit back and forth through tells, got to about level 7, then i decided to make an attempt to get to them. First attempt I was killed by a raptor in Saurumugue Champlain (sp).
Second attempt was through mhuara to selbina, died in valkurm...twice, but i set my homepoint in Selbina so no big deal.

Third major attempt, got all the way to San'doria....only to have 2 of my 3 friends quit the game two days later. The last one, as well as several other friends, are why i stayed and played for 6 years.
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#20 Dec 30 2009 at 8:22 PM Rating: Default
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LMAO, Here drink this Venom Potion... that is some funny *** ****. I want to be your friend in FFXIV. It's just to **** funny.
#21 Dec 30 2009 at 9:53 PM Rating: Decent
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First day of NA PC launch, I made my galka warrior, and went outside Sandy to kill something. I died to a rabbit right outside the city. I didn't play again for a week.
#22Poubelle, Posted: Dec 30 2009 at 10:46 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Three years later, you ventured back to that very spot together with your newly made friends and got revenge on the rabbit that once tried to crush your spirit?
#23 Dec 31 2009 at 12:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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I remember MPKing bots inside those mines I forgot the name.. right after Bastok Mines before getting to Altepa Desert, fun times watching the fishing bots die :P
and another thing I'll never forget my first time doing, umm whats that mission where you have to go to caslte van something lol to fight the huge guy, I'm sorry I forgot the names of things xP well yeah we took like 2 hours to get all the way to the BCNM and I messed up and didn't click on the door when everyone else did so I stayed outside while they were fighting.. I had to call a DRG friend and a RDM friend to help me and they duo'd it, I felt kinda stupid by not going in with my group :p oh and as a lvl 16 around there, when I first started seeing a tarutaru run around in Valkrum Dunes being chased by like 5 leeches and then dying that was pretty funny
#24 Dec 31 2009 at 2:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Zgrans wrote:
I didn't have O. Kotes on MNK till about lvl 50 because it was before the Rare/ex'ing of them and I was always poor. I went on a break from the game for a couple months and when I came back they had changed them to Rare/ex so I decided to go give them a shot. There was one other camper there when I showed up, we were talking for a bit and then he left before Deggi spawned. So I sit around for a couple more minutes and he spawns, I kill him... O. Kotes! At the time I thought they had upped the drop rate when they Rare/ex'd it, so I didn't think much of it, So I warp back to jeuno with them on and the same dude who was there with me sees I have them on and he knew I had not tried for them before, within minutes I have quite a bit of Lower Jeuno shouting "Lucky Bas****" at me ;)... I still enjoy people's reaction when they hear I went 1/1 with deggi, lol

I went 1/1 on O.Kotes as well. I was lvl 50ish MNK as well. I even managed to outclaim 4 other campers on my first try too lol. They all /cheered when I put them on, that was one of my best FFXI moments :)

another one I remember fondly: I was in a party in Mount Zhayolm on my Samurai, using Soboro Sukehiro. I managed to do solo skllchains almost every fight, and still skillchain off the other party members. I was pretty well equipped too. I did so much damage the PLD could barely keep hate, but the mobs died so fast it didn't matter anyway. The other party members constantly complimented me, it felt fantastic, and I became friends with everyone. Sounds a lot like I'm bragging, I guess I am lol. But these are some of my favourite ffxi moments.

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#25 Dec 31 2009 at 3:44 PM Rating: Decent
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My 1st event after NA PC release The Treant Tree. Man i lost exp on that thing then someone told me you had to accept the event so you don't loose exp man i was *******

And the 1st time i ever ran to Jeuno man my heart was betting all the way there
#26 Dec 31 2009 at 6:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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I remember when I first started. I was so excited. I ran over to the zone in S.Sandy and zoned out. When the screen came up again, I was dead.

I never even saw what happened. All I saw was the fading of an orc (Gappler I think) that had been trained to the zone by someone else.

I didn't leave sandy for the next week.
#27 Dec 31 2009 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
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ok when i first picked my Char and set to go to Sandy. I started in port sandy. I was amazed how awsone it was. about 2 hrs later i found my way out. lol Ya, i got lost in the port and like anyone else that playes games for the first time i never read directions. I had no idea how to pull up the map. I didn't know anyone in the game so i had to figure it all out on my own.
#28 Jan 01 2010 at 6:02 AM Rating: Good
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One day when leveling in Yuhtunga Jungle on my drg. One of are pt members had a there other char pl us, a high lvl pld. Well at one point I died, so the pld started raising me. When the casting was almost complete saw a message saying that the pld was immtimadated by me. The whole pt was laguhing. The 2ed raise worked, waiting for weakness and started pting again. First and only time I ever seen that happen.
#29 Jan 01 2010 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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My first real FFXI character was an Elvaan named Raide on Odin Server, barely lasted to 10 before I moved to Pandy.

On Pandy I named my Galka Speigel full knowing I spelled the name wrong because at the time it was already taken, I would get /tells from players about the mispelling or I named him after the little imp from LoTR.

Also on Pandy I made a male hume mule named Raide. I was aware there was a character with that same name but didn't last long, and he must of quit because I was able to use the name so for a while I would get all sorts of tells from people asking me if I was the Raide they knew that had some Sky LS and I kept telling them no. When I wanted to be BLM I started leveling up Raide and still got the same tells for months. Made me feel like an impostor since I thought I was the only one to come up with that name, heh.

Hence when I go to FFXIV going to start with a new character, race, the works. Hopefully I won't be forced to choose Hyur again because of job/race stats.
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#30 Jan 01 2010 at 2:59 PM Rating: Excellent
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Three years later, you ventured back to that very spot together with your newly made friends and got revenge on the rabbit that once tried to crush your spirit?

That wasnt a very good story mister :(

Hey now, that rabbit had it coming.
#31 Jan 01 2010 at 4:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Noob Story: I was a young and budding BLM who had just recently made it to level 10, and I was finally ready to start leveling in the dunes. This was my first real MMO, though I had played all previous FF games (and yes, I mean all FF games, even the ones not released in NA) so I had played close attention to the story. Thus my understanding of this FF world was the 3 factions were in a dispute for territory, and by EXPing in a zone, you gained your faction more influence to control said area. Due to this understanding (or should I say misunderstanding really) I refused to party with anyone who was not from San D.

Mid level story: By mid level, I thought I had all the answers, and could do anything (looking back now, I consider anything before I hit 75 on my first job as being a noob lol). I was traveling with some friends from Selbina to Mhaura, if I remember correctly, it was one of our first attempts to do fishing off the boat, when low and behold 'Sea Horror' spawns. Not knowing this was an NM or anything special at all, I decided to show off how powerful of a BLM I was, needless to say, I was quickly dead, and everyone had a good laugh.

End game: My LS was gearing up to fight Cerberus, but we were having a slight problem, none of our tanks were on, save our LS leader, a NIN. Many of us had already arrived for the fight, and seeing we had around 10 blm's, multiple rdm's, and whm's, we decided to give it a go anyway. Much to our surprise, the tactic of rotating Stun spells as soon as the previous stun wore off, combined with some extraordinary luck, and more then a few heart stopping moments, we were able to defeat Cerberus with a single NIN tank.

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#32 Jan 01 2010 at 6:00 PM Rating: Good
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5-2 as level 52 SAM, leading an entire alliance of friends, also level 45-60, from my social LS to get their mission done. Only two of us brought pots/oils even though I told them to get some. Thankfully we had 3 75s helping us, one NIN, one MNK and a WHM. Running through Castle Zvahl for about three hours fighting everything was quite the adventure. No one even "disconnected", either, not even after six of us finished the mission. Six including four of the 45-60 people and the WHM and NIN.

So because the lowbies didn't feel too confident winning without at least the WHM, and said WHM didn't have a map/ffxiatlas up, I had to lead him back for every run once the BC deposited us by the entrance to Xarcabard. Took all day...but it was worth it to wake up the next morning and see everyone with rank 6, all of them thanking me profusely when I said hello as I logged on. I really miss that kind of sense of accomplishment in XI.
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#33 Jan 03 2010 at 8:35 PM Rating: Good
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Well, I think I was a bit of perfectionist when I was young what came to MMORPGs :D I tried to everything perfectly, I'm also very rival in these games. Well, somehow I ended creating a new character every 20 lvl although there wasn't any point in it and I can't forget my friend who lvled his first char straight to 52 and laughed at me all the time. That I remember with regret but I sure had fun training all those characters xD I think there were 20 chars xD

Even after all these years I can't remember my first entrance to the game at Sandy port and the music. Man, I'm almost 20 and I feel very old when I remember back then when I was that kid starting FFXI when it came out. I wish I could timeport back to that innocent time when I knew nothing of MMORPGs and nothing of FFXI. Bleh just dling FFXI 14days trial to refresh my memories :D:D What a memories I have to say.
#34 Jan 04 2010 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
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I remember the first time that i was able to step into sea. It was incredibly late and I spent months getting groups together to finish those frustrating promaithia quests. The grind through those made it even more rewarding once i stepped into sea. The water beneath my feet, who can forget the sweet melody of Al'teau. It was really a heartwarming experience.
#35 Jan 04 2010 at 11:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Here's my story while I was playing the PS2 version of ffxi on Shiva server:

I had just lvled my mnk to lvl 30. I was hanging around the Sandy castle and decided to explore the scary dungeon. Theres this door at the back with this little trap door on the floor, I clicked it and was teleported to this sewer system where I was promptly owned my some slimes and I delvled.

Now I thought this was a great trick to play on my bf and his cousin so I told them that this door led to a beautiful place filled with flowers and **** and they believed me, naturally I waited til they both gained a new lvl just to feel my pain when they got owned by the same slimes.
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