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#1 Jan 24 2010 at 7:50 PM Rating: Good
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Alright, not trying to spam too much, but the other thread is not titled well enough to get attention for this in particular.

Basically, it's simply a steam community page set up for the community.

Currently, the settings are as such:

It is a public group, with everyone able to do things such as set events, invite people, and sending comments.

No one is allowed to kick people from the group, or change the name/webaddress/avatar. Also, no one is allowed to ban people from the chat room.

The other features of the steam groups are all available to the second tier of users, which will be handed out per request.

We've only got 2 of us in the usergroup right now, but I was hoping we could get a decent group going. I'm trying to get permission from ffxivcore to post this page on their forums as well, and get a small boost in people.

I think the more people we can have, the more people will see the group and be interested. There are tons of things that this community can be used for, from recruitment for linkshells using the steam community, to general event organization for people.

As for me, I'm starting this page because I love the FF games and I love the FFXI community, and I'm hoping that we can gather people well in advanced to get a head start on organizing our fun times for FFXIV. I'm willing to give anyone any privledges they need, but I don't want this page to become a spam fest full of trolls either. So things will remain on per request if things get going.

If not, ahwell. We have fan sites, we have irc channels, we even have a 1,000 person ventrillo channel, but we don't have anything to help us game together while we are waiting for ffxiv.

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