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Vanafest FF14 vid? I found one, I think, txt is in japaneseFollow

#1 Feb 28 2010 at 1:28 PM Rating: Good
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Well I was poking around this afternoon trying to find some info on ff14 from Vanafest. Looks like it was just mostly beta info from what I can gather. However I heard there was a new gameplay video shown. After googling some stuff, I found this site: (in Japanese)

It appears to have the whole show broken up into 10+ parts

I noticed the last one had a tag of FF14 on it. So I'm guessing this is the part containing the 14 info.

Video here:

Only problem is the video doesn't auto play or download, and I can't read Japanese to figure out what is going on, if I have to sign up, it is region locked, or whatever..

Anyone out there able to decipher this stuff?

NEVERMIND, I just kept blindly clicking until I found something that looked like a registration form, guessed at what to put down, and after some trial and error I managed to get signed up and can now watch videos.

So yea, for those who missed the Vanafest 2010 live stream on the website, someone has put it up on that website to watch.
(same link as above.)

And for other stinky gaijin like me, I'll write up a quick and dirty guide to get an account setup as well.

First, try and watch one of the vanafest videos. You will see the thumbnail on the left, and above that is a long yellow button and a short pink button.
Click the PINK button

Now there are two buttons at the top of this page. a yellow and a silver one on the right.
Click the SILVER button

This takes you to a page with just a text field at the top.
Insert your email in this box (used for sending verification email)

Now you're at a registration form the info is as follows:
security question

I believe the password requires 6+characters and a number I just randomly clicked and typed things for the security Q/A.
Click the short BLACK button under form.

You should be at a screen that verifies your information with a CAPTCHA at the bottum
Enter the letters and click the BLACK button directly UNDER
the text field. The button to the direct right gives you a new set of

You are almost done. This screen I believe is telling you a verification email was sent to you.
Check your email.
Click the link that is about 3/4 the way down.

This should be it. I set my google chrome to remember my password and userinfo as I know that it will be a bear trying to figure out how to sign in/out in the future.

I hope this helps and you too can enjoy Japanese people talking and powerpoint slide shows. As of this time, I haven't found the ff14 info but I'm still looking, a lot of stuff to sift through.


Interesting clips I've noticed so far:

Part 3 didn't catch the time code but, two girls walk through the dev team's office. Couple cool over the shoulder shots on what they're working on.

Part 8 at 7:30ish they show THF and WAR's new emotes.

Part 11 They perform Rolanberry Fields live. Pretty awesome listen. Brings back memories

I've gotta run for a bit, but if you guys see anymore stuff worth mentioning, post it and I'll try and keep the OP updated for a bit

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#2 Feb 28 2010 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
You have to be a registered user. i just can't find new registration yet. still looking.
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You have to register. If you use firefox, you should use an add-on called gTranslate.

Click on a video, the pink button in the middle-top-rightish area is the register button. It's useful to look at the webaddress at the bottom on your browser window to get a hint of where you're going.

That's the register page, then just use gTranslate to highlight stuff, right click, and it'll have a quick google translate for you. Or if you're like me, you can just click in the text boxes and fields will pop up already for your username, email, etc.

If I remember though it goes like this.
page 1: e-mail
page 2: nickname, gender I think, b-day, where you live?, password, other stuff.

something like that but you'll get an e-mail and just activate and then {Success}.

BTW: Thanks for posting this.

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Yep, i just got it to work. Registration was fairly straight forward. Nothing that i'm not used too. Thanks for finding the vids.
#5 Feb 28 2010 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Np on the find. It looks like other people responded with same method I used while I was typing up a quick guide. Thanks for the quick reply guys :D

Hopefully there is some decent stuff in there we can get a peak at.
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#6 Feb 28 2010 at 2:09 PM Rating: Good
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Probably a weird question to ask but, anyone know the song that plays when Nobuo is grooving himself out on the stage?
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#7 Feb 28 2010 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
Theres a chatbox too, so you can chat while watching it. pretty cool lol.
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And because I know everyone wants it; I clipped out the most important part of the footage.
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tx for posting these :)
Which 1 is the vid where they ding76?
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#11 Mar 01 2010 at 11:08 AM Rating: Good
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Xiliath wrote:
tx for posting these :)
Which 1 is the vid where they ding76?

The second rip, about 6:15 into it.

And the crowd liked it Smiley: smile
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ZeuDiabolos wrote:
And because I know everyone wants it; I clipped out the most important part of the footage.

Very cool, thanks ZeuDiabolos!
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