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I've decided to compile all of the class info from the different websites. Since they all seem to have different information it was starting to agitate me having to remember which one has what.


Known Weapons
1 Hand Sword
Throwing Knives

Gladiator Abilities
Rousing Provoke: Use a threatening gesture to increase enmity.
Cover: Protect an ally, positioning yourself between them and the enemy to redirect damage dealt to yourself instead.
Rampart: Protect yourself, increasing defense and reducing evasion.
Still Precision: Steady yourself, increasing accuracy and reducing evasion.
Aegis Boon:Recover behind the safety of your shield, converting a portion of damage sustained when blocking in HP.

Weapon Skills
Phalanx: Move deftly from defense to offense, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Increases enmity. Can only be executed following a block.
Red Lotus: Call upon the power of flame, increasing attack power and dealing fire damage.
Shield Bash: Slam an enemy with your shield, dealing blunt damage with a high chance of interrupting casts. Renders the target unable to cast for several seconds.
Spinstroke: Feint before attacking, dealing slashing damage to the target. Increases attack power when the target is not engaging you.
Circle Slash: Spin your weapon Fiercely, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage to nearby targets.

Eorzeapedia: Comments from the Developers:

Planner Iwao – They can wear many different kinds of armor, use large shields, and are blessed defensively. I think lots of people will use them to draw the enemies attention and serve to protect the other members of their party.

Battle Director Okuda – As this class is very good at using shields, people might think of them as a defender but they can do a lot of damage as well.

Planner Sato – Both an attacker and a defender, they can do just about anything perfectly so I think this will become a very popular class.

Okuda – When it comes to attacking, you can choose between two styles: swinging attacks and thrusting attacks. Each has their advantages and disadvantages so you will have to take that into consideration when fighting.

Iwao- I think it’s safe to say that this class is a very versatile fighter.


Iwao: This is a class that can really excel at defense. They can equip a wide range of defensive equipment and even large shields! They will be called upon to protect party members by drawing the enemy attack towards themselves.

Okada: As a class that excels with a shield, the Gladiator is like a "defender" job that is good at absorbing damage.

Sato: Gladitor is offense and defense rolled into one -- a class that is good at taking hits and dishing out the damage. Because of its versatility, I see it becoming a popular class.

Okada: One can choose between making slicing attacks or piercing attacks and that lets them employ some strategy towards giving their strikes the maximum effect.

Iwao: You could say this is a class with an abundance of fighting styles.


- How does a Gladiator differ between when they have a shield equipped and when they do not?

A: When a Gladiator does not have a shield equipped, they forgo their defensive power in exchange for a better offense. Also, there are certain abilities and weaponskills that require a shield to be equipped.

- Please tell us the difference between slashing and piercing.

A: Depending on the enemy type, different attacks will be more effective. We are still adjusting this aspect of the game but generally, big, muscle-bound enemies are weak to slashing, and enemies equipped with armor or a shell are weak to piercing. Also, slashing does better damage while piercing has better accuracy.

- Gladitors have three options: piercing, slashing and guarding. Does this mean there will be something like a piercing button, slashing button and defense button that you select each turn?

A: You can select a new command each time.

- It seems most classes have some kind of ranged attack, but will Gladiators get one?

A: We're considering a way for Gladiators to throw their sword.


Known Weapons

Lancer Abilities
Comrade in Arms: Bolster morale, consuming TP to place an enfeebling effect on the target which grants attacking party members enhanced TP generation.
Ferocity: Trigger an adrenaline rush, consuming HP to increase the attack power of your next attack.
Invigorate: Channel your physical energies, consuming HP to gain TP.
Collusion: Employ deception, transferring the enmity generated by your next successful attack to an ally positioned between you and the enemy.
Life Surge: Make sport of an enemy, gaining the ability to absorb HP. While active, successful attack reduce the target's evasion.

Weapon Skills
Overrun: Close in on an enemy, increasing TP and dealing piercing damage. Can only be executed when the target is unaware of your presence.
Feint: Stab with precision and timing, ensuring the success of your next attack. Increases attack power and deals piercing damage. Can only be executed after evading an attack.
Leg Sweeper: Strike low, dealing blunt damage to all enemies in a cone before you. Does not affect flying targets.
Moonrise: Frustrate an enemy's tactics, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Inhibits TP generation of the target.
Skewer: Run your enemies through, increasing attack power and dealing piercing damage to all enemies between you and the target. Slows non-flying targets.

Eorzeapedia: Developer Comments:

Iwao – This class uses the long range of their polearms to attack from a relatively safe distance. They also have a number of special attacks that can confuse an enemy or bind them.

Sato – Since they are back farther than other front line party members, they have a wider view of what’s going on around them. If the back line is in a jam, they are probably the class that is best able to quickly get over to help them.

Iwao – Lancers are really affected by the distance between them and their target. They will have to make adjustments to where they stand and constantly think about the location of their target, their party members, and themselves. This class requires somebody who moves tactically.

Sato – This person has to think about many things, not just about what they know about the enemy.


Iwao: This class can use spears and lances to attack from a longer range and in a wider variety of styles. Besides normal attacks, Lancers can disrupt an enemy's movements and utilize other special attacks.

Sato: Lancer attacks from a farther range than most melee classes and has a wider sphere of influence. They can easily adjust their position to help out back-end members that get into trouble.

Iwao: Lancer is a class that receives a great effect from maintaining their sweet spot. They must always be checking their position relative to the enemy, as well as other party members. Strategicially, this is a class that is always on the move.

Sato: This is a class that needs to consider many factors in a battle besides just what the enemy is doing.


- Lancers have piercing, slashing and blunt attacks, but does this depend on the weapon they are using? Will it be a command you can freely select like with Gladiator?

A: The idea is that at first, you can only do piercing attacks. As you grow and improve, techniques that allow for slashing and blunt attack will become available.

- You say by "bringing the enemy close" a Lancer can strike both at once. Is there some way to physically bring the enemies together in such a way.

A: We just mean that if two enemies happen to be close enough together, a Lancer can use that to their advantage and strike them both with the same thrust.

- The weaponskill Overrun says if you don't incur any enmity, you get extra high-speed strikes added to the attack. Does this mean you can always attain the added effect by attacking from behind the enemy?

A: It's more like a Sneak Attack that procs when the enemy is not in battle mode.


Known Weapons
H2H weapon

Pugilist Abilities
Mocking Provoke: Whistle tauntingly to increase enmity.
Blindside: Strike from an enemy's rear, increasing attack power by half of your dexterity.
Chakra: Channel your vital energies, consuming TP to restore HP.
Steal: Rifle through an enemy's belongings, stealing a random item. Chance of success increases with stealth.
Feather Foot: Tread lightly, increasing evasion. Effect fades after evading an attack.

Weapon Skills
Jarring Strike: Strike an enemy's joints, dealing blunt damage and stunning the target. Increases enmity. Can only be executed after evading an attack.
Victimize: Exploit an enemy's weaknesses, dealing slashing damage and increasing your critical hit rate for each enfeebling effect on the target.
Haymaker: Deliver a massive strike, increasing attack power and dealing blunt damage. Can only be executed after evading an attack.
Shoulder Tackle: Charge at an enemy with devistating force, dealing blunt damage.
Seismic Shock: Create powerful tremors, increasing attack power and dealing earth damage at range to all enemies between you and the target. Does not affect flying enemies.

: Developer Comments:

Iwao – They have a very short attack range and their defense isn’t very high. However, they are tricky fighters who can tease the enemy with their wide range of abilities. They also can change between different stances which means they can change their fighting style in accordance to the enemy or party makeup.

Sato – Stance will make a huge difference. Players will have to think on their feet, taking the flow of the battle into account when choosing whether to go offensive or defensive.

Iwao – If you continue to use the same stance, the number of things you can do while in that stance will increase. While you can change your stance at any time, changing the stance means you go back to a previous level of ability. Your split time decisions on whether it is best to make adjustments or stick with the same stance to get the extra benefits could decide whether you are the victor or the vanquished.


Iwao: Despite their short reach and low defense, the Pugilist is a class that can really turn the tide of a battle with their tricky techniques. They will also employ a number of "stances" that will prove effective based on the condition of the enemy and the party.

Sato: Stances will have a number of effects in battle. Offensive or Defensive -- the player has to assess the battle situation and decide which one they should select.

Iwao: The more you maintain a single stance, the more that stance improves, opening up new things you can do with it. You can change your stance at whim, but if you do so, its strength reverts to normal. The player must consider when it is appropriate to maintain a stance and strengthen it, and when they must give up that power and switch for the benefit of the party.

[Elmer Point: An assumption on my part, but I don't think this refers to giving up character growth, but rather temporary growth. As they mentioned before, they want you to consider your overall objective over individual encounters. So it's a question of "Can I maintain offensive stance and have it super buff for the boss? Or should I switch to defensive here so we can survive?" The stance improvement mentioned here sound temporary and independent from raising one's character.]


- With Offensive Stance and Defensive Stance, does the stance change based on the abilities you use?

A: When you select a command, you can decide upon either one based on the position of the Effect Gauge. Moving it towards Offensive is good for attacks and moving it towards Defensive is good for defending. Once a stance is deepened to its maximum point, there will be other abilities that become available.

- Chakra says it consumes TP to heal one's HP, but can the effect be changed by the amount of TP it consumes?

A: The effect does change based on the amount of TP it uses. You cannot choose the amount yourself, but there will be levels to its effectiveness.

- Why does Pugilist have Steal?

A: We wanted to prepare several different avenues for each class to grow. Think of it as a way to put one's skills to a more sinister use.

- Will the damage from Tackle improve the farther away from the enemy you start?

A: Yes, having a running start increases the damage.


Known Weapons
Great Axe

Marauder Abilities
Bloodbath: Revel in the blood of an enemy, converting a percentage of the damage dealt by your next successful attack in HP.
Murderous Intent: Throw yourself into your attacks, increasing critical hit rate and reducing TP generation.
Defender: Tighten your guard, increasing defense and reducing attack power. Increases enmity generation while in steadfast stance.
Disorient: Flick dust, sand, or soil at an enemy, reducing the target's evasion. Effect may stack up to three times.
Enduring March: Take strong and sure steps, enabling movement at reduced speed while bound. While active, also maintains steadfast stance while moving.

Weapon Skills
Skull Sunder: Strike an enemy in the head, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Deals further damage over time. Attacks enemies in a cone before you while in steadfast stance.
Trunksplitter: Deliver a strong chop, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Attack power is increased further against Seedkin.
Fracture: If used after parrying an enemy attack, you can seal the enemy’s ability to use weapon skills while damaging them.
Brandish: Strike nearby enemies, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage.
Iron Tempest: Spin your axe wildly, increasing attack power and dealing wind damage to nearby targets.

Eorzeapedia: Developer Comments:

Iwao – This class can do a lot of damage with their axe, enough to change the outcome of a battle with one swing. However, depending on the number of enemies and how they are scattered about, they might not be able to gather all of their strength and have trouble during battle.

Sato – They have more attack power than other classes but their accuracy is a bit lower.

Okuda – In order to use some of the Marauder’s special abilities, you’ll have to be standing still. So it takes foresight to play this class effectively.


Iwao: This is a class that can really deal out massive damage. However, if there are many enemies to deal with, they can forgo storing up that power in order to strike more often.

Sato: Marauders use battle axes, which give them more attack power than any other class at the expense of some accuracy.

Okada: While their special attacks are powerful, some require that the Marauder be stantionary while they activate. Due to this, a Marauder must be adept at reading an enemy's movements.


- Marauders can store up power to unleash an AoE attack. Can they do this with regular melee attacks, or is it only reserved for weaponskills?

A: Basically, storing up power will make regular melee attacks into AoE attacks. Storing up power will have other special effects on weaponskills.

- While storing up power, is it impossible to perform any actions that require movement?

A: Moving cancels the act of storing power.

- The ability Disorient uses the axe to stir up dust or sand to lower enemy evasion. Can this be used in places with no sand, like on a boat?

A: You can still use the ability, but the effect may be altered.

- The weaponskill Fracture makes an enemy weaponskill unusable. Is this a continuous effect or is it more like Stun?

A: It's a continuous effect.

- Brandish and Iron Tempest (both are circular AoE weaponskills) seem to have similar effects, but are the damage types different?

A: The type of damage they do is different, as well as the shape and size of their areas of effect.

Known Weapons
Short bow
Long bow

Archer Abilities
Replenish: Invoke the blessing of renewal, consuming MP to replenish your projectiles to capacity.
Chameleon: Blend in with your surroundings, consuming TP to reduce enmity.
Quickstride: Quickin your stride, increasing movement speed by.
Retrieval: Search your surroundings, consuming HP to find and gather projectiles.
Hawkeye: Your eyes gain hawklike precision, increasing the accuracy of your next attack.

Weapon Skills
Shadow Stitch: Fetter and enemy's shadow, rendering the target immobile.
Wide Volley: Launch a wide-ranged assult, increasing attack power and dealing projectile damage to the target and nearby enemies.
Quick Knock: Nock and release with blinding speed, shooting multiple arrows at a time in a cone before you. Increases attack power and deals projectile damage.
Scouring Strike: Deliver a debilitating blow, increasing attack power and dealing projectile damage. Removes a single enhancement effect from the target.
Shrieker: Loose an attack with terrifying sound, dealing projectile damage and causing the target to flee in terror.

Eorzeapedia: Developer Comments

Iwao – More than anything, their role is to attack enemies from a distance. After that, it all depends on the technical abilities of the archer. If they attract too much attention from the enemy, they could get in trouble as they don’t have a high defense. So you have to think about where you are going to stand and the best way to attack the enemy without capturing their interest. This class has to look at the big picture.

Sato – Archers also have a lot of abilities they can use to put some distance between them and their enemies. I hope people use those in their battle strategies.

Iwao – The type of arrow you pick is also important. There are arrows for doing direct damage but you can also use arrows to affect the status of your enemy and thereby help out your party members.


Iwao: More than anything, the Archer is a long-distance striker. From a range, they have to decide where to stand and what archery techniques to employ. Their defense is low, so if they catch the attention of the enemy, they could be in trouble. A good Archer needs to keep watch over the entire battle and adapt to the situation by firing off the most effective shots possible without incurring the wrath of the enemy.

Sato: Archers have a variety of abilities that are effective at various distances from the enemy. Their job is to work out how they can best contribute to the battle.

Iwao: Arrow selection is also key. It's more than just choosing the arrow with the most damage, an Archer can also use arrows to effect the status of the enemy or even support their allies.


- There's a shortbow and longbow, but will there be a crossbow?

A: There currently isn't one, and if it's added, it may actually be given to a different class.

- How many arrows can one carry around on their character?

A: We're still adjusting that, but there will be measures to help you deal with running out of arrows.

- Can Archers make arrows by themselves?

A: Only Disciples of the Hand will be able to make arrows. However, in the future, by putting abilities from a Disciple of the Hand on an Archer, they could attain some limited crafting ability.

- Do abilities like Replenish (fires multiple arrows at once) actually consume multiple arrows?

A: Yes, it consumes multiple arrows. For example, Quick Draw shoots multiple arrows amongst the enemies. If there are three enemies, and you use 10 arrows, the enemies take 3, 3 and 4 hits, respectively.

- Does the weaponskill Shrieker cause any enemy to run away? Or is this only possible during battle?

A: Of course it won't be completely effective against every enemy, but it will work against enemies in Passive Mode.

Known Weapons

Conjurer Abilities
Profundity: Enunciate, increasing the magic potency of your next cast. Lengthens cast and recast times.
Trance Chant: Intensify your next cast, preventing it from being interrupted.
Spiritbind: Channel the elements, binding yourself and reducing MP consumption by half.
Roaming Soul: Hum your next spell, allowing movement while casting.
Purge: Alter an enemy's essence, rendering the target's elemental alignment neutral.

Fire: Deals fire damage to enemies within area of effect.
Cure: Restores HP of allies within area of effect.
Protect: Enhances defense of allies within area of effect.
Shock Spikes: Armors you with lightning spikes, stunning attacking enemies.
Frost: Deals ice damage over time to enemies within area of effect.

: Developer Comments

Iwao – This is a sorcerer with elemental magic.

Okuda – This class has to look at the situation a party is in and adapt to a changing environment. They also have to have a good understanding of the elements in play.

Iwao – They have attack magic, defensive magic, recovery magic, etc. They can cast a wide range of spells so they can be an attacker for a party or in a support role. I think we can call them an active almighty class you can look forward to. I think one special feature of this class is the AoE magic they can cast. The area is a circle of effect drawn around the player.

Okuda – By the way, all of the actions you do in battle go towards building your TP. That includes spell casting.

Sato – That means we have power TP moves for Conjurers as well.


Iwao: A Conjurer is a Disciple of Magic who excels at manipulating the elements.

Okada: This is a class that starts by assessing the condition of the party and the enemy and using that to consider which element to utilize in battle.

Iwao: Attack magic, defense magic, healing magic -- a Conjurer has many different lines of spells to choose from. It's safe to say it's like an almighty magic-user that can serve as attack or support. Conjurers can also place magical effects on themselves that affect the area around them.

[Elmer Point: This sounds like an AoE spell that follows the Conjurer around, as in everyone in range of the Conjurer gets a bonus while in range. Whether that's true or not wasn't specified.]

Okada: By the way, actions you take in battle in FFXIV all accumulate TP, magic included.

Sato: That's why there are some strong TP abilities prepared for Conjurer as well.


- Conjurers are able to produce magical effects for the area around their person, but how exactly does this work? To what extent can they boost party members? Are there detrimental effects they can put on enemies?

A: We're still adjusting this currently.

- Besides Shock Spikes, most of the spells have an area of effect. Can these spells hit multiple enemies at once?

A: Most spells do have an area of effect, and they can hit multiple enemies at once. Generally, this makes it very effective to gather all the enemies together within the area. That's how this class was designed.

- So in the same vein, can Protect be cast on all party members at once?

A: Yes, it can be cast upon everyone inside the area of effect.

- Are monsters are associated with different elements?

A: Monsters will again be associated with different elements. So this will certainly play a role in the effects spells have on them.


Known Weapons

Thaumaturge Abilities
Blood Rite: Spill your own blood in a sacrificial rite, enhancing magic potency.
Punishing Barbe: Channel your pain to an enemy, redirecting a portion of damage dealt to you back to its source.
Dark Seal: Focus your mental energies, increasing the accuracy of your next cast.
Initiation: Bestow your strengths on another, granting certain of your enhancing effects to a target ally.
Paradigm Shift: Amplify your voice, increasing the scope and reducing the range of thaumaturgic spells.

Drain: Transfers Hp from enemies within area of effect to you.
Gravity: Reduces the movement speed of enemies within area of effect.
Sacrifice: Consumes HP to restore a portion of the target's HP.
Siphon TP: Transfers TP from the target to you.
Absorb Acc: Transfers a portion of the target's accuracy to you.

Eorzeapedia: Developer Comments

Iwao- The Thaumaturge has a lot of status changing spells at their disposal. Their AoE is also fan shaped and they have many strong attacks. Compared to the Conjurer, they are more effective when they get closer to the enemy.

Sato – Basically, the Thaumaturge has been given strong damaging attack spells. However, there is also a risk to using them so you have to look for the right balance. We’ll listen to players’ feedback about this class and make adjustments in the future.

Iwao- The Thaumaturge can take and absorb different things from the enemy. They can also stack many spells. They will have to read the flow of battle and decide when is the best time to cast things.


Iwao: Thaumaturgy is filled with spells that can cause status effects on the enemy as well as your party members. Their area of effect is fan-shaped [cone-shaped for you D&D'ers] and attack power high, so when compared with Conjurers, this class needs to get relatively close to the enemy for maximum effect.

Sato: Basically, Thaumaturges have magic that does powerful damage. However, there also are great risks to balance this out. This is one particular area where we are waiting to hear feedback from the players.

Iwao: The Thaumaturge also has several spells that can steal abilities from the enemy. The key is reading the flow of a battle and deciding what kind of spell would most effectively turn the tide in your favor.

[Elmer Point: I would assume the Thaumaturge can cause *good* status effects on party member, though after reading about the "risks" involved, I'm not so sure.]


- The Thaumaturge is said to boast the highest attack power of all classes. What kind of spells will have this power?

A: I'm going to have to keep that under my hat for now. I will tell you that spells are not only based on MP, but there are some that consume TP.

- Does the ability Initiation (shares magical effects on yourself with party) affect all party members?

A: No, only one member whom you select.

- Does the spell Gravity lower evasion?

A: We're still putting it together, but we do plan to have it lower evasion.

- The spell Siphon Magic (absorbs MP from enemies) says it only works on enemies that are unable to take an action. What exactly does this mean?

A: This means their HP has been depleted, and they are defeated.

- Will the spell Siphon Magic work against enemies with no TP?

A: No, it will not have an effect on enemies with no MP.


Known Weapons

Craftable Items
Iron Ingot:
Base Materials: Iron Ore
Crossguard: An iron bar used as the crossguard of a sword.
Base Materials: Iron Ingot
Spatha: A standard cavalry sword made of bronze.
Base Materials: Spatha Blade, Swordgrip, Crossguard, Pommel
Pickaxe: A standard miner's pickaxe outfitted with a bronze head.
Base Materials: Pickaxe Head, Pickaxe Shaft, Grip Wrapping
Spiked Labrys: A labrys with an extended blade and spike shaft.
Base Materials: Labrys, Bronze Ingot

Eorzeapedia: Developers comments:



Iwao: Blacksmiths are Disciples of the Hand who use metals to create and repair weapons and armor. This class has very limited battle-related abilities, but may receive other things to compensate. For example, a Blacksmith may get an ability that enfeebles a gold-based enemy or one that increases the chances of having treasure drop.


- Can you keep an eye on the status of party members' weapons during battle?

A: The current plan is only between battles.

- Will a Blacksmith be able to check the status of an ally's weapon whenever they want, or will they need the other player's approval?

A: Requiring the player to confirm every single time the Blacksmith needs to check would be too much, but we can't overlook the importance of player privacy either. We think the best way is to require initial approval from the player, which then allows the Blacksmith to examine them whenever they need to.

Known Weapons

Gatherable Items
Copper Ore: A decent-sized piece of rock containing the metal copper.
Silver Ore: A decent-sized piece of rock containing the semi-precious metal silver.
Bronze ore
Gold ore
Saltpeter: A translucent crystalline substance often used in making glass, firesand, and dyes.
Silex: A pure-white sand made up of firefly ground silica.
Little Worm: A common worm that lives in the soil.

Eorzeapedia: Developer Comments

Iwao – The Miner is a gathering class that mines up minerals. You can’t expect much fighting power out of this class. However, we plan on adding abilities to make it useful in battle.


Iwao - Miners are Disciples of the Land who dig up ore. This class has very limited battle-related abilities, but may receive other things to compensate.


- In a party, a Miner can "let fly some pebbles." Does this mean that pebbles will be their only weapon?

A: Currently, that is the case, but we may prepare something else for them to use as well.

- Can they only use pebbles to weaken ore-based enemies?

A: We are investigating ways for them to use items instead of weapons -- for example, using aqua regia (a corrosive compound that dissolves gold) on a gold-based enemy to weaken it.

- You say a Miner can bring "additional income" to the party. Does this mean a single Miner will benefit all members?

A: Yes, that's right. It will add to the treasure pool, and we are still discussing this, but we want to make it so more Miners increases the benefits. However, the trade-off is that battles will be more difficult.

- Can only Miners see mining points?

A: The current plan is to make it that way.

More to come, and I'll also edit to make it easier to read....maybe.

The sources are from the official FFXIV NA website, Eorzeapedia, 4Gamer, Famitsu, and Dengeki. Also credit goes to "Elmer", which I think is the same one one the ALLA forums.

Edit: I made most of the abilities match the Official NA FFXIV website. Some were drastically different.

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Looks like a great list. Thanks!!
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This is a great compilation, thanks very much!

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You should include weapons they use, if that's possible information.

Anyway, good list, thanks.
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You know what, it didn't even dawn on me. I'm also going to include info from the main NA site.
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Great list!! This game needs to hurry up and be released already!! I love what SE is doing with the classes. Right now Pugilist, Thaumaturge and Archer are the classes I'm leaning toward. I'm still hoping they introduce a Knife Dual Wielding Assassin or Bandit that would be a THF/NIN combo! Yes Pugs got Steal but do they have Mug! =P
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As I look at all the classes, I don't think that there's going to be a thf class, maybe an Assassin. A lot of the thf's abilities are part of several of the classes, and with the hinted feature of using abilities from one class while being a different one, you may be able to construct one yourself.
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There was mention of guncrafting being an advance style of blacksmithing. It was said that Archers won't use crossbows, then I doubt they'll use something as gauche as a a rifle or pistol. So the question is, who uses the crafted guns? Maybe an unintened hint at an advance or unrevealed job/class.
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Im definently liking lancer. but as everyone else is saying, it seems like there mixing abilities in jobs that normal would'nt have them but from what SE has said you dont have to be any particular class to gain a particular ability. At least thats what im getting out of it.
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Seems like there will be incentive to have multiple characters instead of dumping all your progress on one. Personally I like that, especially if they decide to keep the same gear system they had in FFXI. Still, I'm hoping they get rid of the constant gear switching, really annoying trying to keep track of everything when I want to change jobs.
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Redyoshi wrote:
Seems like there will be incentive to have multiple characters instead of dumping all your progress on one. Personally I like that, especially if they decide to keep the same gear system they had in FFXI. Still, I'm hoping they get rid of the constant gear switching, really annoying trying to keep track of everything when I want to change jobs.

Personally, I sure hope not. I loved the one character system from FFXI, how you could never "ruin" a character by specializing in one thing to the exclusion of other things and then changing your mind, or messing a specialization up somehow.

Sure, gear management did stink, but I think that there are easy ways to solve that besides requiring different chars.
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Square Enix wrote:
Defender: Use your Axe to increase your physical defense in exchange for not being able to attack
Eight years and two games and Defender is STILL 90% useless.
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Can Archers make arrows by themselves?

A: Only Disciples of the Hand will be able to make arrows. However, in the future, by putting abilities from a Disciple of the Hand on an Archer, they could attain some limited crafting ability.

Maybe I missed this in earlier news, but this is exciting. I just hope they don't limit you on secondary skills so much that everyone just gets blacksmith skills to keep their gear
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I'm personally hoping that they go with something like the Blue Mage magic system. So where as you learn the ability from improving one job, and then on another job you have so many slots and point to allocate those learned abilities. I also wouldn't mind this being for all abilities/traits and such even for the current class.
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I think that would work out really well. A certain amounts of slots available to your "sub-skill set"

Before reading this I was going to be a Lancer, no questions asked. I still will be, BUT...
The gladiator class has me very curious. And coming from someone who HATED tanking in FFXI, that says a lot!

Very excited for this game, and any more info along the way till then.

Fantastic post! Thanks!
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I was initially interested in the Lancer class, but it's not really winning me over. I think I'm looking for information that shows that classes can be bent and molded into new and unique combinations of abilities, and I'm just not seeing it yet. There's some odd abilities tucked here and there among the classes, like "steal" on pugilists, or "sneak attack" on lancers, but they still seem like they generally fall along the lines of melee damage, tank, magic damage, healer pretty well.

Specifically, I was hoping for a hybrid lancer/white mage type. I don't know if that kind of option will be present in this system. I like what I've seen of the Lancer's armor and weapons though, so it still might be a secondary class for me. But of course, I won't know until I get my hands on the game and give each of the classes a whirl.

Gladiator is looking pretty solid though. I'm really starting to warm up to that class. I've never tried tanking before, so it might be a nice change from the norm for me.
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