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Disciplines of Land / Hand to change social interactionFollow

#1 Mar 13 2010 at 2:19 PM Rating: Good
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I've been thinking about this after the recent it interviews and it seems SE has found a new way add social interaction into the game with the inclusion of crafters into xp parties. I can start to see why they chose to have a max of 6 to 8 people in PT, to include crafters into a party. Even if you want to just solo it might not be a bad idea to invite a discipline of the land to help farm.

Kinda of wish I was in beta now though because crafter pt's can be abusive and lead to issues with gold farmers. I dread to think of a party of 8 disciplines of the land just strip mining zones at a time leaving nothing for anyone else. There needs to be limited on how many can party up or increased failure rates for said parties.

All in all I'm very excited about the possiblities this is going to bring to not only FFXIV but future of MMO's in general.
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Still in Alpha.

But yeah its pretty cool

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I hadn't thought of that.

You know, I'm kind of hoping we've moved away from 'see node, touch node, profit'. Like how most folks seem to have a hope that crafting is more complex and requires some skill, I also hope the same for gathering. Although I'd like it for entertainment's sake, a thing like that might make it harder to throw warm bodies at.

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I think it'll be more like you invite a Miner to your party to benefit from their extra treasure, and at the same time they gain access to dangerous zones they wouldn't otherwise be able to mine in. I'm not sure if a full party of miners would help, since they wouldn't be able to defend themselves in this case.
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