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#1 Mar 13 2010 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent
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I am kind of curious as to how this will work out in a group aspect. Just how does say a Weaver, Tanner, botanist, etc.. Contribute to the actions of the daily exp grind party. I know there is no real info on this aside a quote from one Dev Interview about Miners throwing pebbles and maybe using acid on "gold based mobs". (which also makes me wonder about other things but I'll save that for another thread) So anything we say will just be speculation, but lets speculate for a moment. I'm wondering about what you guys can envision on the other classes though such as a Weaver casting a cloth net over the enemy? If that were the case would we need to use the crafting mats we get just to use such abilities? ((Yes I know that is a crappy example but it's just an example) What other benefits could you guys see going along with the classes (example: Miner add to treasure pool as stated in the Dev Q&A)

Typically in the past, crafting was something I was very involved in for over a decade of MMOing. I would do it in my free time when I did not feel like leveling up my chars and this new system totally kills that it seems. While I like the fact they are trying something new and being innovative I am not really sure if I like the idea of having to go grind mobs to level up my (Whatever craft I pick). While it could be said its just like farming for mats, this does not seem the same to me. Also the change on the fly system doesn't seem to work when it comes to harvesting because it was also stated that you have to be the class to be able to see the nodes.

So I'm curious as to how the other people who like to craft feel about this change?

((The dev blog I was speaking of is the Dengeki - Classes and Beta Q&A))
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It's just an incentive for normal groups to invite a crafter if a need arises. It's not something you'd do to level up most of the time. Just something that's there if needed.

Say if you just have to do X mission to get something cool involving hard mobs, you can make a group and not be a dead weight to the group. It's not something you'd do every day, but I'm sure there are times where you will need to do such a thing.
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It seems like they may be envisioning crafters being able to play a bit more of a role than was let on in interview. They give a few examples on the updated webpage, but I can't cut and paste it.
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You know I completely must have missed that part of it. I'm glad there will be another route to go with it then. The idea of doing quests to reach levels sounds much better, though I wonder if you will need to be the craft class to do the quests at the given time. I still wish you could see nodes as any class though. Seems a little odd that only the harvesting class can see them. I mean if I am a for example a Archer, I would think I would still be able to identify a big hunk of metal in the ground. Perhaps we will be able to trait that with our skills.
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