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after reviewing the abilities and classes listed at and seeing many classes with defensive capabilities, most classes with a self heal and only one group heal (i know all abilities aren't listed yet) what if...

what if there is no main tank class. but rather a constant rotation between the melee classes?
what if there is no main healing class. but rather strategic ways to survive?

what if your typical battle went something like this?

gladiator runs in and grabs aggro while the other classes set up. he uses rampart to boost his D and starts to swing his sword. his life slowly begins to deplete and he uses aegis bloom to gain some health back. he tries the aegis bloom one more time but it is not keeping him up. the battle continues and his health is still slowly dropping from the onslaught of attacks...

insteps the thaumaturge who casts sacrifice to give some of his health to his ailing friend. but not before he has cast absorb-acc to lower his foes accuracy to dampen the damage. finally the gladiator's armor has absorbed all the damage it can and he is battle fatigued...

insteps the pugilist who has been beating on the enemy with all his might for some time. he sees the gladiator is in trouble. he sacrifices his high damage attacks and steps into a defensive stance. he uses his whistle ability to gain the attention of the enemy, thus relieving the gladiator from further damage but now the damage is coming his way. he knows he can't last to long but he does what he can, he casts feather step to increase his dodge. it works for a minute but eventually the enemy lands a critical blow. even in his defensive stance it staggers him. he casts chakra to cash in on some of that tp he built up in the beginning of the battle to get some of his health back and the thaumaturge also sacrifices some more of his health. the pugilist is beginning to fall quickly though.

insteps the marauder who has been dealing blows with his axe. he stands perfectly still and gathers his strength and delivers a devastating blow that grabs the enemy's attention. he casts blood bath on himself and starts to attack again. with every strike he is hurting the enemy and gaining health. his confidence grows and grows with each swing of his large axe until his foe lands a piercing hit that knocks his health to all but nil. he quickly casts defender and begins to use his axe as a shield. his defense is high with the strong arms that are used to swinging a giant axe holding it up to protect himself. he lasts a while but the enemy will never fall while he holds his axe up, he must be able to swing that great axe they want to prevail.

insteps the conjurer who has already been protection the party with his defensive magic and also has been able to heave some fireballs at the enemy. while doing this he as carefully been guarding his mp by using spirit bend. he couldn't move so it was important he didn't attract to much attention. but now things have changed his party needs him. he casts roaming soul and moves into the middle of the group. he casts profound, this spell is going to need some extra power. he casts trance chant, an interruption and everyone could die. he casts his AoE cure....

the gladiator who was attacking from behind is now back on top of the tank list. the thaumaturge who has been sacrificing his life now has more to spare. the pugilist can go back into an offensive stance. the marauder can swing his axe again....... rinse and repeat.

anyhow this is just a theory based on the information we have on 3/13/10 and me and my mind trying to imagine what the next installment of Final Fantasy will be like. this is my first post on these forums (not sure how i didnt know this game was coming out sooner) hope to see you all in game soon.

if you like my "theory" and you are in beta, let the devs know you want a game that isn't your typical tank and spank. but im hoping this isnt just a theory and all this is already planned out. if it isn't, i would expect nothing less than greatness from the FF series so i won't be disappointed.
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The devs have already said they like the tank/healer/dps setup for parties. So do most players. Trying to work a tanking rotation would be a nightmare. There will be tanks. There will be healers. Depending on the size of the group, there will be offtanks. There will be multiple classes capable of tanking basic content. There will most likely be the need to specialize for tanking for endgame content. These are MMO staples designed to provide structure to the party so that you don't need a 30 minute strategy brief for a 5 minute encounter.
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Mind you, I'm a lifelong healer, and I'm against the complete dissolution of the Holy Trinity.

But looking at the situation from a practical perspective, I realize there's a supply and demand issue inherent in Everquest-era grouping systems that can't really be resolved by any other means that making the demand meet with the natural supply. (because it's just not going to happen the other way around, not without some misery that has no business being 50 feet near any game).

While I don't think Squeenix is going to support multitanking per se'.
There are a couple things going on, that if properly tuned, can at least give a group of DPS a fighting chance to accomplish their day-to-day guildleve activities (with some graceless difficulty). Not only does each class appear somewhat meaty, there's quite a few of possibilities in hybridization ala' equipping skills from inactive classes, and The HP recover mode has alot of potential.

As far as endgame goes; When an HP exchange rate is your only means of tuning the difficulty of an encounter, your basically forced to make encounters difficult by making the amount of HP loss (and Hp you have to make it lose) more, thereby requiring the presence of a dedicated healer. When positioning can be used to tune the difficulty of an encounter, you can make something more difficult without necessarily requiring more healing. Although that tried and true method sure is effective enough that I don't think it's going anywhere soon, there at least the possibility to explore otherwise.

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