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#1 Mar 15 2010 at 8:18 PM Rating: Good
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On the official site, there are 2 pictures for the jobs that currently have decent amount of info. If you notice, there is a similarity in the armor between all of the jobs in one of the pics. The similar armor they're wearing looks brown and hemp like, whereas the other pic looks much better for each class. Could it be that the hemp clothing is the initial armor for each of the classes and the other armor is more of their "AF" equipment?
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#2 Mar 15 2010 at 8:27 PM Rating: Default
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Well if you look at Lancer, all of the armour it wears is of the leather variety except for one which is plate worn by the Lalafell. It is my assumption that since the plate armour doesn't look fantastic, it is merely to show that each class can wear the armour it chooses (within reason) and that it is not restricted to one type.
#3 Mar 15 2010 at 8:46 PM Rating: Good
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Could it be that the hemp clothing is the initial armor for each of the classes and the other armor is more of their "AF" equipment?

I thought this too. I think it is the AF-ish gear, or something you'd expect to see that job wearing anyway.
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I noticed this as well. Oddly enough the conjurer, who seems more like a red mage, has a very black mage looking hat.
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I dont know about everyone else but one of the big issues for me was always the equipment in ffxi i was tired of running around with there being mostly only 1 "set" of armour no matter what race/class or whatever that you were there was just leather and plate and cloth. I would really like to see a MUCH more diversified equipment selection. It kind of takes away from being unique if everyone in your party looks almost identical. Plus some equipment was clearly not made for certain classes you just looked big and goofy (galka). I'm hoping to see them take more time on how each armour looks on different races as well as with these now diverse classes much more "AF" type gear. As Con. for example as the poster above said about the black mage hat. I hope we get like a white mageish set and a black mage set for Con. depending on how you'd like to specialize your person not just one set that boosts everything.
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