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Dear Male Miqo'Te/New Race wishers. Follow

#52 Apr 02 2010 at 2:08 AM Rating: Good
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NumptyHunter wrote:
This is reminding me of when the first screenshots of Dancer were released, back before Wings came out. They only had shots of female Dancers, everyone was "ZOMG female onry job!"

Oh I had forgetten about that, nice analogy!
They never specifically stated any one gender though.

In Highlanders description they actually state:
After their city-state of Ala Mihgo fell to the Garlean Empire, with the exception of Male Mercenaries, it has become rare to see them in other cities.
I don't think SE wants a "rare" character to suddenly become an adventurer.

I don't think they specifically stated an exception for male for no reason at all.

Dancer was simply images. People were paranoid.
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milich wrote:
#53 Apr 02 2010 at 11:40 AM Rating: Excellent
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I'd like to see male Miqo'te, but it seems pretty clear that SE is opposed to the idea or they would have given in by now. When a race/tribe is meant to conform to a gender role, like the miqo'te, roegadyn, or highlanders, they do not want to compromise by offering both male and female options.

What I don't understand is, why SE is so opposed to these ideas when male characters in Japanese anime so frequently look like women? ^_^

I'd heard about the two Miqo'te tribes awhile ago, so it doesn't surprise me that hey have two for each race now. I'm guessing that's all we're going to see. It gives them a way to add unlimited new 'races' without altering the same set of five they've brought over from FFXI though, which I guess is a compromise in itself.
#54 Apr 06 2010 at 2:24 PM Rating: Good
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Just reading the new descriptions of the clans on the NA website I noticed that under the Sea Wolves for Roegadyn it says "The Sea Wolves originally hail from the islands of the far north seas, where they still subsist as fishermen and women." So the whole Roegadyn being asexual like Galka's doesn't really work here I guess
#55 Apr 06 2010 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
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There are more males that play FF than females. I don't see the problem with an imbalance.

It's like when I divide a desert between my wife and I. She only gets 40% because she is only 40% of our combined weight! (just kidding ... if I ever failed to give my wife an equal portion of dessert I'd be divorced and poor.. she'd take every penny!!!)
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#56 Apr 06 2010 at 6:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Sorry to go over this point again for those of you who noticed first time but
"The Sea Wolves originally hail from the islands of the far north seas, where they still subsist as fishermen and women."

The far north seas are outside of Eorzea, so the implication is the women stay at home in the same way as the Hyur Highlander women are implyed to stay at home, hence they exist but are probably not playable.
I am still seeing pointless arguments on various threads where people are saying the translation must be wrong because otherwise it must mean Roegadyn women are playable, those people need to learn to read lmao!

Now you could argue that if this is true of two other races the same will be true of Miqo'te males, ie they stay at home (overseas or w/e) they exist but are not playable.
Or you could argue that it could mean that Miqo'te are the asexual race this time around and they lay eggs or something daft like the Galka reincarnation thing (ffxi).
Either way none of the info we have so far proves or infers playable male Miqo'te in anyway and I am inclined to say that it indeed makes it seem less likely than ever, right about now anyway. It could all change though!
#57 Apr 06 2010 at 7:17 PM Rating: Good
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I've already pretty much given in that I will have to be a manthra again in FFXIV... or perhaps that's Miqo'man? I dunno... ANYWAY. I'm rather not fond of humans, I hate being short. The Elvaan have always looked really weird to me and I don't like being half giraffe, and the Galka equivalents are just too bulky to appeal to me.

Anyway, there is some stuff we can put together to speculate that there will be a 6th race or perhaps 2 new tribes. Will there be? Maybe yes, maybe no. Only SE knows that. Why haven't we seen or heard anything about it yet? Well, why haven't there been much pictures/walkthroughs including Miqo'te? Perhaps they are having trouble with some of the animations in the tail/ears/or just in general and they need to fix the Miqo'te, but they can hold off on the 6th till a later date. Maybe they just need one of those HOLY SH**!!111!!!WTFBBQ! moment announcements for E3.

But, for now, I think it's more probable that there will be a 6th race than there will be a male Miqo'te.

My 2 gil.
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#58 Apr 06 2010 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
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From the FFXIV official site, Roegadyn -> Sea Wolves page:
The Sea Wolves originally hail from the islands of the far north seas, where they still subsist as fishermen and women.

Edit: Should have read the second page before I posted;Numpty beat me to it.

So, female Roegadyn are confirmed to exist a least. Gotta love Square Enix speak, as this could mean there are no females outside of the north seas. However, the Hellsguard clan has been stated as isolated in a past article, and have
for centuries stood vigil over them
, them being the volcanoes. Can't have a clan keep going that long without new generations, unless Roegadyn can grow very, very old, which I'm optimistically not going to believe.

Edited, Apr 7th 2010 1:54am by Ritsusei
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