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DoM 2 weapons for each job= 4 jobs?Follow

#1 Mar 31 2010 at 6:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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Wanting to try and fill a support role I was trying to wrap my head around the two DoM jobs when I remebered. Each job as it stands now has access to two weapons each. Seeing as how both of the DoM jobs seem to have 2 roles rolled into one. The conjurer having nukes as well as heals and the thaumaturge having buffs as well as debuffs. Maybe each weapon allows access to one side of the class or the other.

For example. The conjurer as it stands now can use wands and radicals. So say useing a wand lets you use/learn healing spells while the radical lets you use/learn nukes.

At least for me up until now. I have always been under the impression as well as most people it seems from my reading that. Rolling a conjurer would give you acces to ALL the spells reguardless of weapon choices.


(P.S. forgive me if this was terribly obvious to most of you but till now the 2 DoM jobs both seemed to just be huge generalist/hyrid classes till now)

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You make an interesting point but I hope it's not the case. I don't really have a good explanation for the two weapons for each...maybe they are just getting them temporarily until more DoM classes come along. There aren't many more weapons for DoM classes...only things I can think of is like musical instruments for bard (if that can be called DoM) and a book for a scholar type class.

Or maybe at some point down the line you can specialize in one of the weapons and gain additional benefits (like summons for a staff) and call it another class.

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