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Referring to screen from Famitsu that opened this Can of Worms known as "Physical Level", lol.

From what I can tell we got Primary Arm, Secondary Arm, Large Pouch, Small Pouch, Head, Body, Undershirt, Hands, Waist, Legs, and Undergarment.
Now looking at pic I can also see the box that shows for Legs is hidden underneath blue box that wasn't translated, but has same symbol for Hand-to-Hand to the left where Rank is at. But to assume if hidden under that box we are definitely missing Feet and possibly other can be Back (doubt there be Undersocks but never kno ><). Also with this seems there are no Ring or Earring slots unless Rings go into Hand or Earring into Head, but no idea. Here's some thought what some of these slots might serve:

Primary Arm - Main weapon, determines Class.
Secondary Arm - Could be a number of things from Shield, Dual Wield, or Side-arm for small ranged attack.
Large Pouch - Maybe inventory? Or perhaps if Archer this is where arrows are stored.
Small Pouch - Same as Large but Small, lol. If Side-arm available maybe bullets or bolts. Potions and Ethers.
Head - Obviously helmets, hairpins, ribbins, and maybe also earrings.
Body - Breastplates, jerkins, doublets, and stuff of the sort.
Hands - Gauntlets, bracelets, gloves, and possible rings.
Legs - Leggings, Hose, Slacks, and so on.
Feet - Boots and the sort.
Back - Capes and mantles.
Underwear - Undershirt and Undergarments I doubt they'll be removable or we'd see those running around Bare! I'm sure we can replace them with others tho.

Most of these are self explanatory, I think main mystery gonna be how Primary/Secondary Arms will play, and what Pouches are for. And tho Feet and Back aren't literally confirmed, I'm hoping they exist under that blue pop-up.
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They did make a point to mention they had hoped rings and necklaces and what-not would be something they could make visible. So I imagine they're equippable somehow.

What makes me scratch my head is the peculiar grouping. You notice how the boxes aren't evenly spaced, they're clustered together in pairs? Some of these pairs are intuitive; Body and Undershirt and Legs and Undergarment for example. But then you have things like Main Arms paired with Large Bag and Hand with Waist?

If you were just using the pairs as a visual device to help denote layers (that undergarments are under legs, for instance), and something which has no layers is by itself (like head), why aren't Hands and Waist separated out? If they just wanted to group things together as a visual device to say 'these things are in some way related', why aren't Arms with Arms and Bags with Bags?

I wonder if that means the type of bag you can equip is in some way determined by the weapon your holding? I can reason out a 'why' for this theory. Inventory size is a whole different beast for a DoL and DoH than it is DoW and DoM. In a twisted kind of way, it's almost like the crafter's version of HP and MP. It makes sense to treat it differently.

What I can't figure out is what would happen to bags upon class switch and what the purpose of the small pouch is?. Actually thinking about it for a minute I can think of a purpose for the small pouch. If it's an Ammo Pouch, a ranged class like Archer might be allotted more inventory space than the other DoW (whom all have projectile capabilities).

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