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Should we blame Sony instead of SE?Follow

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A year ago, I sat here waiting on and undecided between two mmo's. Not only FFXIV, but also DC Universe Online. I faced the same question as several others, upgrade the pc or buy a ps3. Now the only time I could afford to do this was with my tax return a few months ago. So since both games were being developed for both and I'd wanted a ps3 anyway, I played it safe and bought one. Now I've been screwed twice.

None of that was important, but I needed to get it off my chest.

DCUO, a game which was developed from the beginning for cross platform play announced at E3 that they were separating the PC and PS3 players. And now FFXIV announces that the ps3 version is coming out 6 months after the pc version. I don't think it has as much to do with SE. I think the delay is SE trying to buy some time so they can get the cross platform play between the two. Before we all start screaming about SE has failed us yet again, keep in mind this one thing could be the result of Sony's legal and financial people causing problems. Don't be surprised if in February of next year we find out that PS3 players won't be able to play with people on PC. These two things could be completely unrelated, but I'm seriously starting to doubt it.
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If anything, FFXI proved that cross platform -is- possible, so I'd be extremely surprised if SE said the two playerbases were being separated, especially considering that some XI players played on 2 or even all 3 consoles with the same account.

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