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So I am having a problem with this benchmark program. I try to run it and when I click launch a black screen pops up then I get a windows message "The program has stopped working, checking for solutions". I read these other threads about the benchmark of course and couldn't find a helpful solution there so I decided to make a new thread because basically I just want to know if my computer would be able to run the game at all. I know all the minimum requirements have been posted but I am not very computer savvy so if there is someone else who knows and could tell me weather or not this PC would work:

I know that clicking a link from a first time poster is supposedly scary for some but I promise that Wal Mart isn't that evil (well maybe). I bought this last September and haven't upgraded it or anything and I don't really understand all this computer talk so I am unsure weather this is above or below the requirements that have been posted.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help me answering this question and/or helping me get the benchmark to at least run I've tried running as administrator, downloading drivers and all that but I still don't know what is wrong so any help will be much appreciated.

Another thing to add since I don't feel like making or posting in a whole new thread. I don't have the money right now to pre-order the Collector's Edition of the game right now but if I wait about a month or two months do you think it will still be available? I saw someone post in another thread that it was already sold out after the first day is that true? This is just one of those things that I MUST have. I'm like Sarah Jessica Parker in that Covet commercial. I know another scary link omg but I have to have it. I will adventure Eorzea in regret if I do not have it I don't know why but its how I feel.
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I'm going to venture out on a limb and say it's your graphics card that's the issue. According to minimum reqs, using Nvidia, you'd need a GeForce 9600 or higher. Yours currently has a 9100 installed. The rest of the system looks up to snuff. There shouldn't be any issues in the way of compatibility since your system is newer, by just upgrading to a higher-end card. Here's a link that's a bit technical but also has explanations of what everything means:

Some folks have stated they got the benchmark to run on lower spec cards, and there's several posts about those other options on the first page of the forums, since the game requirements just got released.

Regarding the CE, SE has said that it's a limited amount. This means either there actually is a limited amount/time it's sold, or they're simply stating that to increase revenue.

You can always create an account at Amazon, they don't charge for a pre-order until it actually ships. That way you have the CE, an extra bonus item and the guarantee that you'll get the game.

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Thank you so much that really helps a lot! So if a new graphic card is all I have to worry about than that is good I can do that before the game is released without a problem.
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