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I started FFXI on the PS2 NA release date and a term has been thrown around since then that I have never fully understood "PS2 limitations".

FFXI for all accounts has been a successful MMORPG and even after 8 years still has sustainable population and still makes money For SE so how has the PS2 held FFXI back? I freely admit that I am not the most tech savvy person but from what I understand the main problem was appearance (FFXI didn't look as good as it could and there are less customizable options available) and that was because FFXI was developed for the PS2 and then ported over to the PC but for FFXIV it's the opposite FFXIV is being developed for the PC and ported to the PS3.

Was "appearance" the only thing that the PS2 was holding FFXI back in?

The reason I am asking is because I am starting to hear comments that because FFXIV is being developed for the PC first this time Square can continue to upgrade it and if PC users wish they can upgrade their systems to handle it and because of this eventually the PS3 will not be able to handle it.
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SundayMoney wrote:
because of this eventually the PS3 will not be able to handle it.

That's not the case, not sure where you heard that.

But yeah, one of the limitations for the PS2 was its hardware compared to a PC. I don't think that was the main one though...keyboards weren't very popular back in the day for PS2 so the majority of PS2 users were limited in their interaction with others. Many times I got in parties where a player didn't have a keyboard and it would just make life miserable. It's also because of this that SE made the UI the way it was in FFXI which a lot of people didn't like (including me) to make both PS2 and PC users on an equal playing field in terms of control of their character.

This isn't really the case with the PS3, though. You can hook up any keyboard to your ps3 so there's no excuse to not having one available to you. The hardware for the PS3 was extraordinarily powerful when it was first released and still will be able to handle FFXIV very well even after all of these years.
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I don't remember all the details, but the PS2 limitations were not just about the look of the game. The PS2 could only load 80 items at a time if I remember correctly and therefore any inventory/storage box was capped at 80 and no chance of going higher. Granted, square could just as easily add more storage types in anyway, just not go above 80 in any 1 box.

If I got a detail or something wrong in there someone else can correct me. There probably more, I just can't think of any right now.

And as for the visual aspect, editing the registry a bit can make it look a lot better.

I don't think there will be a problem for the PS3 in handling the game because I believe this time the PC version and PS3 version are being optimized for their respective systems rather then being a direct port from one or the other. I do tend to forget details often though.

Edit: I type to slow XD

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