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A shot in the dark: OnLiveFollow

#1 Jul 05 2010 at 3:13 AM Rating: Good
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I've kind of been perusing the information about the OnLive service since they revealed their intentions last year. For those who've never heard of it, OnLive user server farms across the country to run popular games and stream the Audio/Video to a PC/Mac client. They've got a "micro console" you can hook up to your HDTV coming out soon. The thinking is this kind of service would allow you to run high end games at high resolutions and max specs on Netbook-level machines. The plan is to charge people a monthly fee for access, then you can "purchase" games to play for a few day at around 6-7 bucks all the way to "lifetime access" to a title at up to 60 bucks.

Of course, the broadband requirements are pretty high (5mb/sec iirc) and I don't care what they claim... there HAS to be some latency involved. But the service popped in my head while I was reading the forum tonight and one of the few genres that could forgive a fraction of a second delay due to lag would be MMOs. A quick Google search turned up this interview where one of the executives specifically mentions talks between them and some MMO developers about integrating their games onto the service. In fact, he talks about how their service might not make much sense for WoW, due to extremely modest PC requirements, but how much they could offer for a high end MMO.

Now, that isn't to say XIV IS coming to the service. I wouldn't even mention it without hearing something more firm regarding plans to bring it on board, but it appears that the OnLive service is waiving their monthly fee (14.95 a month?!?!) for the first year for "founding members" that sign up by July 15th. There doesn't appear to be any requirement to buy or contract to sign if you do sign up (if its even available yet in your area). I also noticed SE is listed among their Content Partners, so it stands to reason that SE has made SOME sort of agreement to bring SOME of their titles to the service... eventually.

Now, like the title suggests, this is a complete shot in the dark, and I certainly don't want anyone to rest their hopes on this. But I figured for those not likely to have a proper PC in place by release, it is a low risk proposition to get a free account before the 15th, and keep your fingers crossed.

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SE listed as a content partner would more likely have to do with stuff like Just Cause 2 etc...

I wouldn't get my hopes up for OnLive and MMOs, but you never know. I still have a feeling that PS3 version will be out by Christmas, but just like everything else we'll have to wait for an explanation from SE.
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The list of publishers looks old, Just Cause 2 was developed by Eidos, who are listed seperately there, before they merged. SE haven't released any major PC titles since The Last Remnant.

It could be a few of SE's arcade games that they've released, or like you say, bigger things like FFXIV. I remember reading WoW's devs were in talks over bringing MMO's to the platform, only it required a bit of extra work, pre-releasing updates and everything.
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ditx wrote:
The list of publishers looks old, Just Cause 2 was developed by Eidos, who are listed seperately there, before they merged. SE haven't released any major PC titles since The Last Remnant.

Well Front Mission is still an upcoming title... They've been working on that since around the time OL was seriously demo'd.

Even without the Eidos merger there would still be 4ish pages of titles on Steam from SE. Granted language versions and DLC packs would reduce that to about 1.5 pages. They've been trying really hard to gain a foothold in PC gaming again. Sadly they keep releasing flawed products when developed by Square.

Any way I'm still sticking to the whole "SE is onboard with OL because of something other than MMOs" POV. It would be nice if I was wrong especially for those who can't afford to upgrade their PC yet don't want to wait whatever the difference is in release.

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OnLive should die in a fire.


Can't play games you've purchased for full retail value unless you pay their monthly subscription...

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Tom's Hardware had an interesting review on Onlive recently. The concept is cool, but it still has its limitations. Also, people with mid-high end systems will outperform Onlive everytime in its current state. Time will tell how well it works though. One thing that stuck out with me while reading the review was the internet service needed. If I remember right, it said you had to have a minimum of 5meg speed and your bandwidth gets cut in half everytime someone else logs into your network. So if you are playing Crysis on Onlive with a solid 40fps and your wife logs into facebook to play /wrists Farmville, she will be cutting your bandwidth in half which could drop your fps below enjoyable specs. But again, time will tell.,2671-3.html

For now, I'll stick to building a new rig every 5+ years. But by then they may have everything worked out so it provides people with what the concept envisions while allowing more than 1 person to be online at a time.
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Why would you consider OnLive?
Now before you say "Who plays games 3 years after they are released?" and miss the point that not only do you not own the games you buy at full retail price on Onlive but that they can be removed from the service after only 3 years.

This is taken from their Getting Started FAQ.

What is a PlayPass?

A PlayPass grants you access to play a game for a specified period of time. Membership is required to purchase and use a PlayPass. PlayPass options available:
Full: Provides unlimited access to the selected game throughout its supported lifetime on the OnLive service. We expect to keep all games supported for as long as people continue to play them, but at a minimum, all current games will be supported for 3 years after their release on the OnLive Service.
5-Day: Provides unlimited access to the selected game for five (5) days from purchase.
3-Day: Provides unlimited access to the selected game for three (3) days from purchase.

In the highly unlikely situation that a game becomes permanently unavailable before the minimum term of your PlayPass, you will receive a prorated refund.

Read their Getting Started FAQ here:
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#8 Jul 05 2010 at 4:54 PM Rating: Decent
OnLive has a lot of tweaking.

I'd rather not try to play FF14 through OnLive, the quality really isn't that great.
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Sounds like an okay idea, I guess, but I don't see why people would pay a monthly fee to play a constantly laggy game. *shrug*

Good in theory, bad in practice. Horrible with MMORPGs (which have their own subscription fee on top of it)

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