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#1 Jul 06 2010 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
Ok, so I've been following FF XIV's development off and on since it was news-released last year. Now that we're so close to the retail date, I was hoping for more information on my biggest concern, but nothing yet, and it has me a little bit concerned with the game in general.

To start off, when reading early interviews it seemed like the development staff was steering towards a game where I could play with my friends at any level that they were, and any level I am, and that we'll both benefit from going out and accomplishing a guild leve or two together. Unfortunately I haven't seen any real confirmations of these early interviews, and since so much has changed since then in the information they've released, I'm hesitant to say "yep, that's the way it's going to be."

Now, I realize that FF XI introduced the level sync system, and that you can largely do what I'm describing in FFXI as it is now. The problem I have with that, at least in terms of FFXI game systems, is that you're severely gimping your higher-level synced job when leveling with lower level players in terms of weapon skill levels etc. What I want to know is whether SE has actually addressed this and made FF XIV more friendly to the "sandbox" playstyle, or if they're caving to fan pressure and just making FF XIV an updated FF XI with the same "korean MMO" (aka grind till you hate the game and want to gouge your eyes out) feel.

I would personally love to see the game have a more "sandbox" feel like the initial interviews seemed to suggest, but the closer we get to release the more it seems like they're departing from that initial design philosophy. Is there anyone who can allay my fears, or are we all in the same boat?
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I think, if I am understanding your fears correctly, that you are inaccurately gauging the use of levels in ffxvi, as you gain levels in skills, not classes. The way partying works is a completely different animal, making it hard to compare with your experiences in FFXI. It is my understanding that in this way of leveling abilities and skills, parties would not have the same effect on your experience like in FFXI.

I believe the focus of XIV is to encourage a more leisurely style, something more akin to playing with friends without being rigidly bound by proper party level differences, locations and setup... though admittedly I'm no expert on the subject..

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From my understanding they have made it so anyone can party with any other player, just certain guildleves will be easier for some than others. For example you go on an early level guildleve with someone with a high physical level and class, you should still gain exp and skills accordingly because you are fighting mobs your level, however the higher "level" character would not be getting skills for their class, but would most likely get the reward still for completing the guildleve.
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