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Guild Charter
Eorzea Corps Guild Charter

What we are about:

Our sight is set on the horizon. With a willingness to help new
and old members we will be focused on progression of skills,
knowledge, mission’s, and gear in a way that rewards the
helpful and deters the disdain. We are an small up and coming
guild looking to make a big impact on the world of ff14 and pride
ourselves on a democratic run guild where every member has
a voice. We welcome all fun and mature players to Eorzea Corps.

Guild Rules:

1. Respect each other.

2. Do not register names of obscene nature.

3. Refrain from behavior that may reflect negatively upon Eorzea Corps as a whole.

4. Keep the drama out of the guild.

Event Rules:

1. Do not use excessive profanity, spamming, and shouting.

2. Be 15 minutes prior so we can take attendance.

3. Bring required supplies.

4. Make sure equipment is fully repaired.

Guild Bank:

1. Eorzea Corps shall establish a guild bank first by donations, then by issuing a point value to items and Gil. These points shall be separate from event points.

2. Depending on how many and type of items as well as Gil the guild bank has points will be adjusted.

3. Any member may exchange item’s or gil for points.

Loot Distribution:

1. Eorzea Corps shall use the Zero-Sum DKP method.

2. Members must be at the previous two events before they can attain loot unless that piece of gear is not desired.

3. Exceptions to rule number 2 if a RL emergency comes up you can be exempt from this, but you cannot claim this every time.

4. Loot will be done through a silent bid so you can bid any amount of points whether you have 1 or 1000.

5. An individual may only obtain gear for the class they chose as their main unless no other member needs it and it cannot be sold for profit for the guild bank.

Member Requirements:

1. Members must be mature and capable of following the rules.

Officer Requirements:

1. Must set the example for members to follow.

2. Must fulfill their assigned duty to the best of their ability.

Current Members:

1. Rewards will be given to those who aid new members.

2. The rewards will vary depending on the help needed.

3. More info on this subject will be added at a later time.

*The Eorzea Corps staff reserves the right to modify or add to the Guild Charter without notice.

If you have any questions you can Email me at or post on our forums

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This kills me everytime. I didn't do it though (* '-`)y-~~
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I thought that Default was the default karma for new That's why it's called default.

I could be wrong.
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I thought that Default was the default karma for new That's why it's called default.

I could be wrong.

I thought so too.
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Decent is the default score I believe. BAck in the old days when it use to be a 1-5 star system. 1 is sub-default. 2 is default. 3 is decent. 4 is good. 5 is excellent. There is a special score for our infamous contributors.

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Decent is the standard rating.

It's rated default either because someone didn't care for someone with 5 posts coming here to advertise -yet another- recruitment thread, or perhaps because they used the word "guild" instead of linkshell.

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