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Redo on German Beta KeysFollow

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If you signed up for a key on one of the German sites they had a redo. On their sites they said First come, First served. When you signed back up for a Beta key you also had to use a different E-Mail address. I'm not sure what they did but it seems like they messed up somewheir. So if you did apply better get over their and reapply for a key.

German FFXIV Beta Key Giveaways Again Zyuu - 08-07-10 05:48 - 51 comments The German sites that we previously posted about now have their beta key giveaways open again. It also says "first come, first served" - which basically should mean that if you sign-up before the keys are out, you're guaranteed one. Also, emails used on the first giveaway does not work, so use another.

Note that these giveaways now end the 11th August, just like ours do. Also, they're most likely for European Square Enix accounts.

German FFXIV Beta Key Giveaways


Vorname = Firstname
Nachname = Surname
Absenden = Submit
Ihr Name = First and last name
Ihre Nachricht = Personal message / your message
Ich wünsche eine Kopie an meine E-Mail Adresse = Makes it so a copy of the message is sent to your email address.

On a whole different note, there's been a few Famitsu articles appearing this week, we've had our translators look at them and there's nothing new in them or interesting at all whatsoever except for the ones we've already translated. Intel Interview: FFXIV Dev, Beta Impressions from 1up, Screenshots, Article Translation: "Information Buffet", Limsa Lominsa Guide.
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