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Large Role-Playing Community to Vote on Home ServerFollow

#52 Aug 19 2010 at 6:22 PM Rating: Decent
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there is an NPC in the game that has to "get into character" at his shop before talking to you... :O

Well Gl with that. My issue with RP is not one with others but the fact that I can detach myself from my own personality. I have a great deal of trouble behaving differently than I would feel if it were me. This is part of what attracts me to SE games, in that it tends to be more friendly to the gamer who is there to experience the story from their own point of view, rather than having points of view thrown upon them as a race, class, or gender.

but for all you thespians out there, have at it...
#53 Aug 19 2010 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
ShinoHaven wrote:
ApatheticPanda wrote:
I've never thought Roleplaying was weird, I guess that's because it's the environment I grew up in. My dad was a huge D&D nerd growing up, he still knows all the rules to the 1st edition and even now he's running a 4th edition game.

I wish I had your dad...

I'm planning to do some Heavy RP in this game, too.

I don't view RP as those stereotypical renaissance fair situations.
I view it as acting as a character in a novel, movie, or TV show.

Edited, Aug 19th 2010 7:53am by ShinoHaven

That is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his nerdery, actually XD.

To the guy above, see I can't actually do that, pretend that it's ME experiencing the world and being the hero. Me is the person sitting in the computer chair, the character I roll is the hero of the story. But, that just proves everyone has different play styles :P.

I personally love meeting all kinds of people in MMO's, from the RPers, to the endgame people, to the PvP guys. I have friends in all circles, I just have my particular play style.
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