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The Seas and Skies above EorzeaFollow

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A bit poetic of a title perhaps, but appropriate for a fluff topic such as this. Fluff though it may be, a little levity is, perhaps, called for in these dark times.

I was meandering though my home inside my home - I am of course, referring to the ZAM forums - when I came across a post that mentioned Sea in FFXI in the context of it's picturesque qualities. I found myself musing on both the graphical prowess of FFXIV and Square Enix's more recent work with FFXI. Before I get too far in, I should mention that I still play FFXI and that I often find myself giving the benefit of the doubt to Square Enix as well as more often than not siding with the moderates, or less generously, fence sitters, in any debate. That being said, I find myself sorely disappointed in the over-all creativity of the Square Enix staff in recent years. The depths of Ruins of Alzadaal being the last area that truly captivated me by its mere power of image. Even it lacked something in my mind when compared to the soring spires of Sky, or the - well let's face it - upper stratosphere oceans of Sea.

What we have seen from FFXIV has been beautiful, and I have no doubt that we have only seen a sample of the iceberg, to mix a metaphor. I do worry a bit though, that Square Enix has lost some of it's theatrical flare for locals that will boggle the imagination.

I present to you two questions, with lighthearted intent; Do you think that Square Enix still has the... most likely slightly insane architects that brought us ultra-dimensional space oceans? and on a more optimistic note, what types of vistas would you like to see for those "special places"? Perhaps an underwater city locked in the past, so that as you fight your way through the ruined streets, phantom images of the erstwhile inhabitants go about their daily chores, unphased and unaffected by the battles raging on around them? Or perhaps a mountain where gravity works in different ways in different areas, where to get to the next area, you have to walk down the path to fall up onto the bottom of an over-hanging cliff, miles above the ground?
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Sounds like somebody just got back from the Dali Museum.
Mikhalia the Picky wrote:
This may quite possibly be the most epicly failed anti-antitroll trolling attempt.
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