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First day thoughts. Follow

#1 Aug 21 2010 at 5:27 PM Rating: Good
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So today was my first day of play. I have some thoughts and will post them here and continue to add as I go on.

My first thought, I cannot honestly tell you if you will like it or not. For people who loved FFXI it is the same but different, I cannot place a finger on it and I cannot say if you will like it. For the people who disliked FFXI I still suggest giving this a chance for the same reason. I can also tell you that there is no logical way you can compare this game to WoW or any other MMO for that matter, including FFXI. They have done so many things right. A few things could be improved on, but of those things I cannot honestly say take a page from XXXmmo's book.

As for leveling, I am very confused on guildlevs and if anyone cares to explain for me what I di wrong here I would love to know, But I was under the impression that one person in group activates lev, the group does it, Next person in group can activate, I.E. like a BCNM in FFXI. Cept when we did it one person activated and it used mine up as well. Very confusing, I would like to know how people are able to "chain" these things with groups.

I am on the fence about the 48 hours deal. On one hand I really wish I could grind all day every day. I am older now and have responsibilities such as a child and a wife. So in all honesty the balance can work out for me where I can get my XP fix and not devote HOURS at a time, meaning I have time to work, eat, sleep, play with my child, take care of my wife, and the house.

I have not played melee classes yet, nor crafted, I will post my experience with those here as I go on. I will be honest with everyone before hand, in every MMO I ever played I NEVER liked crafting. Even in EQ2 where all the materials are handed to you if you have a good guild, I still hated it. So I will probably not expand to much on crafting.

Melee I will be trying lancer soon. I'll keep everyone updated.

I have been Playing Conjurer. I love it. I really am enjoying it. The Non MP recover issue isnt a big deal to me. I nuke a few times kill a mob, or use my AoE cure spell to heal my group up. And spam magic dart between. Currently I am only able to equip 2 elemental spells, so if I am fighting something that resists both my spells Ill just spam magic dart and cure the whole fight, saves on MP. If they are weak I can usually take out 1/2 their life with one spell and let my fighters finish it off while I keep them alive. It really is a refreshing mix between healing and nuking.

All in all this game is worth checking out. Also, I am was able to run the game at default setting fine. But I have a heating issue within my computer so to prevent that I turned some of the settings down, it still looks amazing and I have not lagged at all, before or after changing the settings, I scored a 3,000ish on the benchmark.

If anyone would like to join me on the Kefka server my name is Laell Ose. I am usually up for anything. Thanks for reading.
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#2 Aug 21 2010 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
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leve is shared to everyonein party, if they also have that leve it will use up their own. My firend and I did this and between our "10" total I think we did 6 or 7

#3 Aug 21 2010 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Not in Beta so I dunno for sure, but the way I understand it the only way for you to chain leves in the group would be for one person to get all leves, the group goes out and does them and when you are finished another person in the group gets all their leves etc etc.
#4 Aug 21 2010 at 8:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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As explained in the two previous threads if person A gets leve X and person B get leve X as well, once either person activates it while in a party together both will complete it. At the end of the completion both members will get full rewards. That could be guild marks, some items, quoted amount of gil. Where as if person A gets leve X and person B get leve Y, there will be 2 leves for the both of you to do. With the completion of leve X only person A will get marks, items, and the quoted amount of gil, person B will get the completion bonus gil. The difference here person A will get 2000 + 300 completion gil for 2300. Person B will get only the 300. And then you repeat for person B's leve.

How confusing was that... LOL... but once you've done a few it will make since.

The way I decided to get around the 48hr refresh on leves and the surplus XP issue is I break my leves up. Say today I do 4 battlecraft regional leves and 4 local crafter leves. (these are given by the 2 different people behind the same counter), then tomorrow night I would do my other 4 regional leves as fieldcraft and my left over 4 local crafter leves. Therefore by the third night I have 4 more regional and local leves available and having taken a break form DoW (battlecraft) leve for 1 night my surplus xp issue is gone. I too have wife and child that are playing a HUGE factor in my time allotted for the game. The reason I quit FFXI in Jan09 after 6yrs of playing, was because my daughter would be born in Feb. So this leve thing with the 48hr works for me in a way. And you can still go out and grind on mobs earn xp or do DoL on your own time and get just as much xp, if you goto the correct places ;)

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful. Enjoy the beta its gonna be a great game I cant wait for release
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#5 Aug 22 2010 at 2:45 AM Rating: Good
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My first night impression:

Lack of keyboard config. t(-_-t)

Apart from that, it's only been a couple of hours running around town mostly and I'm still learning the very basics. :)
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