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Nexus Legion Recruiting dedicated mid/hard-core playersFollow

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Nexus Legion

Nexus is now recruiting

(Nexus; A means of connection.)

Nexus is a gaming community that focuses on domination, progression, and having fun in the process. In other words, no you won't have to go through a 2 hour long Vent interview to get in, no we don't require you to be on every hour of every day. What we DO require however, is that you are motivated, self-sufficient, and not prone to starting ePeen fights with anyone else.

Our community is primarily age 18+, however, recruitment is open to anyone who believes they can handle the subject matter of the conversations, so age is not a factor when joining. Just use discretion upon joining the chat if you are under age 18.

So how active are we as a guild?

Originally from Aion, we have expanded since then into many other games, with many active members, a large Ventrilo server, our community of experienced players allows for many different games to be played, so friends don't have to split up when one game gets stale, they simply move into another game, with people that are already there waiting for them. So when you join us, you're joining a guaranteed community for your next game of choice.

So you want to join a guild, but aren't sure if we're the one for you?

Not a problem, to sum it up, we're a semi-hardcore progression oriented group, and unless we're currently ranked #1, or have the top position of power, we continue striving for it until we have it, within reason. As said before, you won't be recieving midnight phonecalls from us to jump on and raid, but we will be doing everything else that we can as a team to rise to the top to be able to accomplish the most we can in every game that we play.

So how can you join the guild?

Pretty simple actually, just go to -, go to the left side of the screen and click "Apply to Legion," don't worry, it's not some 50 page essay, just a quick 3 minute application to determine just the basics, if you want to tell us your life story you can do that later in Vent.

See you all in-game!

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Are you guys taking PPL waiting on the PS3 release, or only looking for PPL starting on PC?
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I'm not saying this to be rude, or because I have a recruitment thread of my own up, but this is probably going to get nuked or locked by the admins. You only have two posts, and Pikko has already stated that she'd like people to be part of our community (i.e. ZAM) before they start trying to take people from it.

EDIT: the words "domination" and "Ventrilo" in your post are not going to help your cause, either. There is no current PvP in FFXIV, thus nobody to dominate. Also, PS3 players will not likely have access to Vent.

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