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#1 Aug 23 2010 at 5:02 PM Rating: Good
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For all of you Zam people, (whom hopefully I will end up on a server with) I bring to you Laell's weaving.

For a limited time after offical release if you bring me materials, I will craft free of charge, if you ask and mention you are from Zam I will not only make what you want, but chances are I wont charge you if what is needed isnt to expensive and its something I have the ability to make.

Don't fear my bazaar. For all non zam people I will be charging, and dont bother looking at my prices there. You guys will all get a special black market discount. I plan to spend the first week or two crafting. Give you guys a chance to leave the starting areas and thin out a bit so there is something for me to kill.

All I ask in return is for other Zam members to do the same with other crafts. This way if we make that linkshell someone was mentioning, I think it was Pikko, we will be one of the best equipped shells out there.
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#2 Aug 23 2010 at 6:38 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks, in advance OddlerJiub, hopefully we will get in the same server and city. But becareful of ***hat out there taking advantage of you.


Record down in newbie guide,

Chapter X: Free Equips/Gils
/sea Oldderjiub
*If sucess you are in luck.
/tell Oldder Jiub Hi! i'm from zam here, i'm here to collect my free gift package.
*get free gifts
/tell Oldder Jiub Thanks, love you
*set up retainer to sell free gifts
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