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A small observation and my take on HOW surplus xp might workFollow

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Just one thing I noticed playing beta is that when its Japan prime time, there are plenty of party recruitment options available whereas during NA prime time nobody wants to party. On top of this the Japanese parties fill up real quick - yesterday I joined a faction leve party that was up and withing seconds we were up to 15 members...if I make a recruitment thread (I'm gonna call it), I MIGHT get the one or two odd people that join on a server with 300-400 people on most days. Where's the team spirit people?! lets get it going and start exploring the part aspect of things. Anyway just wanted to note that this maybe a cultural thing, where the Japanese people love to work together and get things accomplished that way whereas the NAs like to take things the solo route, although coming from FFXI I would've imagined differently.

Anyway, surplus xp, the topic you love to hate. Now I never like to say i "hate" something before I know what it really works like and being that we're still in beta and all and haven't had any version update to indicate to us what changes or tweaks that might be made with this system, I thought I'd speculate and I think I have a fairly good idea here on where this may be headed. While I was playing today I finally witnessed surplus xp (after 3 weeks of beta, although I do juggle things around a lot so...) for the first time. This is basically what it shows when you defeat a mob... (quoted below)


You gain 220 conjurer experience
You gain 25 surplus experience

(not exactly but close enough): notice how it says "you gain", that means we didn't lose experience in this case. So, my take on this is that because SE recently told us that you "will not find armor or weapons in vendors" in FFXIV (as far as I know, I only heard from other people and the podcast with Gary), I think its obviously important that they get crafting in motion so as to have enough resources to go around. I think surplus experience "gained" from other classes' "fatigue" will give you experience *bonus* when you play other classes and therefore it'll be beneficial in that regard. Of course, this doesn't justify it for the people that want to play one class and one class only but I think its necessary especially that SE has decided to go the route of no vendor sells armor/ you only get those from either completing leves, as a drop from certain mobs (mainly i've seen them in faction leves), or if they're crafted...If it does play out like this, it wouldn't be too big a hit imo for me personally anyway...I can live with surplus xp if in fact it does turn into bonus xp for other classes you level up.

I'm sure i'm not the first person to think of this but i just thought it might be a possibility and wanted to see what you guys think of this. peace out t(-.-t)'ers... :P (i'm not very gangsta tbh XD)
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You also gain levels in surplus skill. I think my "Surplus Thaumaturge" level is nearly 10 now :P Not sure if it means anything, but its likely a programmatical way of dumping the exp somewhere useless that would be in retail release completely hidden. Of course, it could be also dumping into a pool that at some point we can tap to spend in regular levels, but I doubt that.
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Your theory makes some sense, and of course it would be better than just getting less and less exp, but like you said it doesn't really help the people who just want to focus on one class at a time. Unless there is something we are missing that is. I would love it if SE actually went out and explained how it all works.
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Could someone elaborate on surplus skill? I haven't been reading too deeply into things, and so far all I've really seen is that people are upset over loss of exp to surplus, but I had no idea there was a surplus skill.
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I like the theory that that the surplus exp will be used elsewhere...maybe like the exp ring in 11. will slow down your progress in your main job...but at least you are not technically losing anything. Perhaps they will allow the surplus to be used in the crafting classes also considering the importance those classes will have.

Would be nice to know before the 22nd...but I'm not going to sweat it.
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