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Clearing up Guildleves vs QuestsFollow

#1 Aug 24 2010 at 8:05 PM Rating: Decent
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For those of you who aren't in the beta, and some who are, the question of "Are Guildleves in FFXIV better than run of the mill quests in other games?" often arises. I would like to outline some things about FFXIV's quest system to clear things up for people who may be experiencing some confusion.

-Guildleves are not meant to replace standard quests like they had in FFXI, they are a new EXTRA system.
-Guildleves are mainly for a quick run that can get you some money and armor in a predetermined time frame.
-"Standard" quests are not absent from FFXIV, there is only the main plot quest in the beta currently, but more are going to be added later(either in Open Beta or at release).
-You can actually get a total of eight levequests(quests from Guildleves)at a time. I've heard that you can only get four every 48 hours but I know I've gotten 8 in less time than that. This may be because the 48 hour refresh time is supposedly a set server time, not a time based on when you specifically got the leve.
-Guildleves are not meant to fulfill the plot line as far as I can tell at this point.

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You can have 16 guildleves actually. 8 Regional and 8 Local. Local seems to be glitched in the beta right now though, when you complete it or fail it, it disappears from your menu. I haven't tested if this means I'd be able to do like 20+ in the same day, but I'm guessing it would.
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Oh yeah, forgot all about Local.
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