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#1 Aug 26 2010 at 2:31 AM Rating: Decent
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So I know everyone is going crazy about surplus but its been recently stated that fatigue does go away while not using a class, so now i'm not worried as much. But now I am worried about the stat re-allocation system. I thought that we can re-allocate a percentage of points every so many hours, but people are talking about how only 50 percent of stats can be re-allocated? I heard from some beta testers that stats can go down till 15 is this not true? I thought that lets say u put 50 into strength u get 65 strength and everything else is 15. Then u reassign to get back about 25 points from strength. Then if u want to take even more away from strength u just have to wait again until ur able to reassign. If you constantly do this then u can lower strength down to 15 and u get ur 50 points back to put into other stats again, in other words a full stat reset. Is this not true? or is it no really clear yet?
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You only get to reallocate a percentage of your points. This is true. It makes you think about how you allocate your points in the first place. You should get a pretty good idea of what you want your character to be, before you start throwing points into 1 category.

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As I understand it, the longer it has been since your last reallocation, the more points you can reallocate. Seems like, to me, if I leveled up a few times, I could reallocate more points than I previously could.

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