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You have to give them credit.Follow

#1 Aug 26 2010 at 2:51 AM Rating: Good
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It's rather ingenious isn't it?

Casual Playing has become quite popular and there are so many advocates for Casual Games now.
People who oppose Casual Playing in any way are seen as Elitists or Otaku Players.

Using Casual Playing as an excuse to limit game play and keep people playing longer is brilliant.

Well, what about the benefits of Surplus EXP? Isn't at least good for Casual Players?
  • Casual Players don't have time to party, Surplus EXP allows casual players to solo effectively.
  • Well, shouldn't people be able to solo effectively regardless of Surplus EXP?
  • Surplus EXP keeps everything in balance, now the Otaku Players won't get too far ahead.
  • Does it really affect you if someone else progresses more?
  • Surplus EXP promotes leveling different jobs, now their won't be an unbalanced ratio of jobs.
  • Otaku Players may level many jobs but Casual Players will probably won't, isn't this what happened in FFXI?
If you really want to play longer you can change jobs though, right?
You can change to any job at anytime, but you can't be great at every job anytime.
Using the allocating system to change from one maxed job to another can take hours.

Oh well, that's not so bad, I don't have so much time to play and it won't affect me.
No, it probably won't, it won't affect a lot of people.
I'm not even sure that if I played it would be a problem.

Maybe it's not such a bad system, I mean when you really get down to it.

Maybe it's better to use a system that promotes playing a few hours a week than one that requires tedious grinding and can consume your life, maybe it's healthier.
The casual players will be happy and the Otaku players will play anyway, because they're Otaku right?

This system bothers me because it feels like Surplus EXP as an obstacle, like overcoming your inability to play as often as you like is one of the game's chalanges.
Shouldn't the goal of any game be keep you playing the game and not just paying for it?

I apologize for this being a long, Dead Horse topic but everything is kind of spread out throughout different threads and I think is a decent summary.
Edited for length and fairness.

Edited, Aug 26th 2010 6:38am by Osanshouo
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