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Main quest / Guidleves and youFollow

#1 Aug 26 2010 at 6:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, This isn't another surplus thread, but its related sort of.

So SE wants everyone to keep changing jobs. ok, np.

But this is the problem I see with this. Theres only so many low level guidleves below level 10. Now i hit fatigue after 14 conj (SORRY). But my concern is this. If we have to keep changing our jobs and restart from 1, even on crafting jobs. How are we supposed to enjoy the guildleves and main quest? After awhile we will get to a point where we cant do any my battle leves because we arent high enough to, and we cant do any more crafting leves because we cant level any higher. So within 2-3 months we'll have people jumping in and out of various classes and not being able to do any progressing leves or quests due to not having a high enough rank to do so.

It feels as though SE is enforcing the grind aspect instead of letting us enjoy the quests and guildleve progression at our own pace as well.

#2 Aug 26 2010 at 6:40 AM Rating: Good
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SE has said there will be a lot more leves for all ranks at retail. Also, you can repeat leves ad infinitum and get better rewards the more you are successful.
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