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My first MMO experience came in the form of Ragnarok Online. I played for a few months before the release of FFXI. It was cool, but I truely consider FFXI my FIRST MMO. But lately, a lot of the things I'm seeing in FFXIV are reminding me more and more of RO. So I'm just gonna run through a few things I've noticed

For starters, the stat distribution system. RO's system was just like that. You were given free reign over stats and placing them where you wanted them. Then we lack an AH and people have to use the market wards and retainers. In Ragnarok Online, most people shopped in the main city of Prontera where people who had characters of the class "Merchant" set up shop and sold things from their vending carts, which are very similar to Retainers (except for them being an actual class with abilities and such).

This is the reason I'm not really tripping on the whole Merchant Ward thing. In RO it wasn't a real issue going from Merchant to Merchant and checking their wares. There WAS however a system in place where if you rolled your mouse over the merchant there was a status message where the merchant gave a a general idea of what they were selling and any rare items they had. U could set your own prices but people generally stuck to what the item was considered to be worth.

Oh and advanced jobs... I'm curious to know if they're going to work out like they did in FFXI, or if we'll see another thing that was present in RO. When you got to a certain level in your class, you could do a quest to be able to upgrade the class into it's next level. Archers became Hunters, Thiefs became Assassins, Warriors became Knights, etc. Since we can switch freely between classes IDK if it would make sense to totally replace the class with a level 2 form, but I'd like to see you not need to just be "level 30" to take on the quest, but fulfill certain requirements within a class to unlock a class that builds upon one of the existing ones.

Yea, just throwing some ideas out there. Let me know what you guys think!
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The roll over mouse feature for searching the market wards seems pretty popular.

A centralized search system for finding what you want quickly is what (most) everyone is wishing for.

Advanced Classes are anyone's guess at the moment. If you are really curious there are some rumors from the data-miners that you can search up on that topic (if you really want to know the names of the classes that seem to be first on the list of additions.)

There is quite a bit of speculation about a Ninja Class, but many think that is being squirreled away for an expansion. Bard too.

Never played RO myself, so those are some pretty interesting parallels.
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Yes I played RO too.

The merchant class or system does remind me of what FFXIV wants to do. However it was in an isometric view and that allowed a better display of the 'shops.'

However I remember that people would sit really close together and it would be confusing to work with. Although it was a workable system I'd rather just have an AH. No AH seems like the antithesis of casual.

Also when you allocated stats, like AGI for example you actually got faster. The speed of your character's sword swing would be really fast if you pumped up your AGI.

First, I think I was an archer then a hybrid swordsman and I really wanted to be an assassin, so I started over again as a thief but never quite made it as an assassin.

Talk about a grind...

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Archers became Hunters, Thiefs became Assassins, Warriors became Knights, etc.

That would be so cool. If I knew I could one day graduate my archer to a hunter and have a pet I can tame and keep (ala wow), I would start as archer in a heartbeat. Please don't flame me for this, I really like playing ranged non magic pet classes. It's fun and I always feel like I have my buddies around :) This is another reason I loved Torchlight so much, and still looking forward to Torchilight II for co-op :)

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and here's Ioric:

Sorry resolution is waaay cut down for upload. It looks much better in game :(

If SE added a class like this, I would feel like I'd died and gone to heaven.

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