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Can someone please clarify a few things about the guild marks? Like do you need to have guild marks from a specific class in order to buy the traits/abilities from that class, or can any class buy them no matter what so long as they have the guild marks? Where or to whom do you go to spend these points?

The rate of armor degradation from what I read appeared a bit over board. Armor wearing from use is fine and all, but I'd prefer not to have to worry about it every guildleve. So I was wondering if anyone had seen a decrease in how fast armor degraded by the end of phase 3 beta?

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In phase 3, you get guild marks by doing higher level guildleves, such as the ones at Bloodshore, Cass Hollow and Cederwood. Guild Marks are class specific, and are generated randomly as a reward for completion of your leves. There seems to be a "weight" factored in, as in your highest level job will most likely get more guild marks than your second highest. You spend these guild marks at your guild location, which varies by city and job.

Armor degradation seems to be affected by they enemies mobs level vs your weapons optimal rank. With a level 1 spear, my weapon barely degraded throughout leveling to 20. When I was fighting much higher level mobs than my weapons rank, it degraded much faster. At level 27, Within 45 mins to an hour of grinding I had to run back to town and get a new spear or repair the old. In phase 3 weapons were hard to come by. I imagine that in retail weapon degradation wont be as fast because of the amount of new weapon choices we will have as we rank up. Armor on the other hand didn't degrade as fast as the weapon, since higher level armor was available through the leves.

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