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I haven't seen much posted from the beta or developers. Any news in regards to skill chains?
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I did a few of them in the Beta. They're hard to time if you lag at all and they don't tell you what they do (that's normal though for FF games).

They're kind of neat, though, and easier to pull off except for the triggering. You queue up skills while you're stuck sitting around waiting for the queue to fill and the mob goes nuts on you and then you fire it off. It's the double tap that gets you... that and the game insisting that multiple people are trying to fire it off when there's only two of you talking on Teamspeak going "You hit it, I won't touch the keyboard..."

I think they do statistic hits, maybe defense/armor/attack, that kind of thing.
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Skill chains are called Battle Regimens in FFXIV. They work in a different way as they have to be selected in sequence by each party member wanting to take part in the Regimen. Once each member has selected their move (spell or phsical attack for example) they are all stacked and the player that started the regimen initiated the sequence.

I had some limited experience with it in Beta and the results were difficult to always see although when they worked a new graphic would appear on screen to acknowledge the regimen working and sometimes the mob would be 'affected' in some way - for instance a lower evesion. Not much has been reported specifically about regimens that I have seen although it was discussed several times on the Beta forums. At the minute it seems that its a lot of trial and error and there certainly isnt a chart available like there is for FFXI.

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