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#1 Aug 29 2010 at 5:34 PM Rating: Decent
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i've been tinkering inside my brain a bit about the disciplines/jobs in FFXIV.

How awesome would it be if it was like in FF1. (I think they did this in ff1, anyway)

Yes, we have the choice between other jobs abilities. But...

What if later on down the road say rank 30+ somewhere we get a advance class quest. Which enhances said class and renames it.

Maybe Gladiator > Padalin. Something like that.

Possibly other things could change as well. like the #1 ability that is static on all classes is changed into something better.

#2 Aug 29 2010 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm still convinced that advanced jobs will be obtained through a system like in Final Fantasy Tactics, where you must have obtained the necessary levels in the required basic jobs to unlock the advanced job. It just makes sense considering how the need to play a few different classes is one thing SE has stressed about this game.
#3 Aug 29 2010 at 5:43 PM Rating: Good
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I mentioned that in a prior thread of mines. I think that would be a dope idea. Can't wait to see how they ultimately implement the advanced jobs.
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#4 Aug 29 2010 at 5:48 PM Rating: Decent
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I said aswell in the other post about advanced jobs that it would cool if it did it like tactics but I'll admit that if once class can become another that would be just fine too. My Archer will be Super Shooter of everything Archer, yea.....has a nice ring to it. ^.^
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#5 Aug 29 2010 at 5:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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The only problem I would have with that would be that the Gladiator class is then inferior/useless in endgame. It doesn't actually expand our play options because no one would choose the "weaker" version of the two. For an online game, I'd much rather the developers double the number of classes by introducing completely new classes that are equal in power to the old ones. That way instead of having, for example, 7 "starting options" and 7 "endgame options," we have 14 options for both starting and endgame. Still, I give you credit for thinking outside the box. ;)

I WOULD like to see some kind of interesting/new method for unlocking expansion classes, maybe even something that goes beyond a simple quest a la FFXI. Someone mentioned using the "Tactics" method which involves leveling other classes to certain levels in different combinations, like having a character with level 30 Pugilist and a level 20 Archer to unlock the Ninja class. Though people have already expressed their distaste for having to level classes they don't like, so I don't know if that would be the best way to go about it either...

I wouldn't be displeased with another "quest" method, so long as the quests are more fulfilling/unique than usual.
#6 Aug 29 2010 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
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To build on your idea a bit... I like SE's system of being able to use abilities from other classes in order to enhance our creative freedom. It will make battles all the more strategic. What might be nice is if advanced classes are introduced, they have certain powerful trademark abilities that cannot be used by any other class. This way the game would be supporting both diversity and individuality. I guess my only reservation about the class system at this point is the stat reallocation system. Only being able to change 20% of your stats every 30 minutes is going to make it difficult to optimize your class, especially if you go from melee to mage. I am hoping we don't "need" to have a melee character and a separate mage character in order to remain at optimal performance. 100% allowable stat reallocation inside to town would be nice. Let's see what happens on Tuesday with open beta changes.

#7 Aug 29 2010 at 6:33 PM Rating: Good
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In a way, "Advanced Classes" and "FF Tactic" style advanced job gains are already in the game.

Judging from what some wikis appear to have in terms of abilities learned a PLD can be composed of
Main: Gladiator (Sword + Shield) (lv 50)
Maurader:Defender, Intimidation, Axemanship (lv 20)
Archer: Shadowbind (LV 6)
Pugilist: Taunt, Second Wind, Prime Condtioning *increase heal rate on self by 10%, Season veteran(lv 20)
Conjurer:Cure, Protect, Shell, Stoneskin, Radiance, Repose, Spirit Bind,
Trance Chant, Fast Cast, trait that gives +10 to conjury affinity (Lv 50)
Thauamturge: Firm Conviction (increase def while casting), (Lv. 20)

While some abilities really aren't defined as PLD it does help to allow the PLD like class to have more support
and freedom over how effective their curative spells can be. With every class have a different % of magic in the
fact that all classes have some form of MP, it's possible to create PLD through a mix of classes as if one gained
the class through an FF tactics like system.

In terms of an advanced class, you could say the advanced classes come from the aspect of mixing and matching abilities
to created a new play style for the class of your choice. I would say that if a PLD wished to stay through to the "light"
side of PLD they might want to remove some abilities listed but if you wanted a PLD that took advantage of keeping the mobs
attention and having effective ways of binding them so they can't run away as well as traits that allowed you to increase your
defense, you could use the above as a base and then look through more combinations for creating the class.

If one is concerned about their spells not being as effective something to keep in mind that I've heard about is while it appears a person can wear any gear they wish, each gear type seems to be designated for Fighting, Mages, Crafters, Gatherers, so if one wished to be a PLD they could cover themselves in heavy armor for the DEF and HP boost while putting on mage like gear where the defense from those slots isn't as high as from the ones that matter to gain more MP and other attributes to improve healing.

It'll definitely be interesting to see the variety of "PLD" setups made by the player based on their own personal playstyle but going back to the OP, it just comes down to how we interpret the abilities we gain to create the advance class of our choice.
#8 Aug 29 2010 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
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And maybe with the right combination of skills equipped... *poooooof* you are now a Paladin with some extra bonuses over just a gladiator with some extra skills. That way people could still make "gladians" if they wanted certain skillsets, but they could also use the skillset that makes them an advanced job of paladin. Haha I love speculating about this stuff, I can't wait to see how its really going to work!
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