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And it all comes crashing down.. Open beta--DelayedFollow

#102 Sep 01 2010 at 3:12 AM Rating: Decent
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SamusKnight, Windurstian Roadblock wrote:
Swagtronica wrote:
Okay I am a bit confused here.

I got my code on June 7th and registered on June 8th.
Now it says I am not registered on the beta login site but in account services it says I am registered.

I just got my new CPU and was ready to play the open beta but does this mean
that I am no longer able to play once everything is sorted out and underway?

1.) They will be giving out new beta codes to everyone who was in closed beta. Once you receive your code (Undetermined date when they'll be released, so don't ask.) just apply it to your account as you did before. Codes will be sent via email to the address registered on your SE account according to the admins here.

2.) I believe they said somewhere that the beta site/forums were going to be restricted this time around to those who weren't there at the start. That or just closed period. Likely to prevent confusion since it seems this time around all you gotta do is "apply" to the beta site via application then copy and paste your key to your account. There's no selection system this time, just first come, first serve.

Okay, thank you I appreciate the reply.
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#103 Sep 01 2010 at 4:34 AM Rating: Decent
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seems we are getting somewhere

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#104 Sep 01 2010 at 5:47 AM Rating: Good
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I just dont get it.

The community says: "the sky is falling, the sky is falling FFXIV is full of bugs, the game is going to fail - its just rubbish, beta is exactly what final retail will be like and it is rubbish. Please SE, please fix our game, please, please, please"

SE then announce delays in Open Beta while they fix bugs and the community continues to complain. You cant have it both ways. Either let SE fix the bugs, or stop complaining about the bugs.

If SE need more time to fix all the issues bought to their attention so far in beta - isnt that a good sign. Isnt it a sign they are listening to the community.

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#105 Sep 01 2010 at 6:05 AM Rating: Decent
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FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test Will Start on Sep. 1!

We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update regarding FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, which was announced to be postponed on Aug. 31, 2010.

Along with the completion on investigation and correction of the critical issue, we have decided to begin FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test on Sep. 1, 2010 at 19:00 (PDT).

Starting on Sep. 1, 2010 at 19:00 (PDT), acquisition of registration code required for FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test will be available.

We are looking forward to your participation in FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test!

Just refreshed the app site, looks like its back on for tonight.
#106 Sep 01 2010 at 7:32 AM Rating: Default
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Ok, I have a dumb question.

I looked all over the application site, FAQs, etc.. I'm going through the process of adding the service (which FFXIV was available to add to my account), and now it's prompting for a game code.. Are those to be emailed out sometime today, or is there a separate process for gaining a key?


(edit: looks like no one really knows.. maybe they'll send them out, but who knows. :P )

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