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Once i have my SE account how do i register for open beta?
do i need to download the installer

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um the other delayed thread is like 3 lines down.......
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Once i have my SE account how do i register for open beta?
do i need to download the installer

I have been looking at the official sites like a vulture on roadkill for the past few weeks since I was never able to get in alpha or closed beta. From what I can tell from reading on these forums and looking through SE's web pages concerning FF XIV is that the entry page linked from their twitter or from the various posts on these forums give you a link to download the client in preparation for the open beta [Which I have had since yesterday thanks to good ol' file planet].

I can only speculate since I haven't gotten the happy email from SE saying I have been accepted into the game yet, due to their critical bug issues that the applications for open beta for those who haven't been let in before has either been taken down/disabled, or hasn't been placed up yet. I have updated my SE account and I cannot find anything regarding an application process for open beta, unless I am missing something [in which case can someone direct me to where it may be hiding lol].

If I am wrong you can correct me but this is what I have gathered from the forums and experience gained from playing the waiting game.
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